Friday, January 30, 2015

War Prayer a Poem

Have we retained in remembrance the captivity of our forefathers? Have we pondered their struggles in gaining freedom to secure the self-determination of children they would never live to see, who they would never live to bear. Many giving their lives on some forgotten battle ground as they bleed out their last few breathes hoping that they had not died in vain. They are the founders of our freedom, not related by blood but never the less related in the sacrifice of their blood.


The wind was gentle yet it blew    
Across hill and vale and township too.
As all lay sleeping from the work
Of cannon sword and rifles blurt.

The instruments of blood and gore
Were shattered broken and no more
As worth to future soldiers true
Were lost in the horrors of the war.

Oh God protect our sons from war

Comrade friend and foe alike
Now lay as statues cold and ripe
The heat of battle now is o’re
And these men in arms are now no more.

Mother, Father, and girl friend Lou
Are praying for the future of the two
In reunion cheated not a few.

Oh God preserve our sons from war.

Then in a moment one has stirred
And saved from the carnage of the sword
Then another –Then its two!!!!

Then THREE, then FIVE then many more
And all have risen from the floor

A new call now has come!!
To play Fireman, Doctor, Dentist too
Then all arose in one accord
And little feet ran out the door.

Oh God save our sons from war.
The wind was gentle yet it blew
Across hill and vale and township too
Not knowing what was done
Or the seriousness of such infant fun.

The whine of sirens- and firemen come
To extinguish fire and flames for fun
As the dog is dispossessed
And dress her in Mom’s finest dress
The doghouse is now a soaking mess.
Oh God bless us with no wars.         

 By: Richard Wayne Norman Author of "American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom" 

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Resulutions

New Year’s Resolutions
The beat resolution is not tied to any date like the beginning or end of the year. The best resolutions are tied to seeing a need in your life and not postponed until a specific start date. In most cases it is nothing more than an excuse not to start, this type of New Year’s Resolutions method allows one to wait to begin until the next year and then the next. We all slip up on resolutions so dust yourself off and start again.   
Richard W Norman