Thursday, March 29, 2018

Russiah Rearms

Russiah Rearms and we disarm click to see Putin's cabinet speech and comments. Remember that Putin is the man who has killed press agents, defectors and their families, even in England as well as in Russia. He has no honor, any lie in a storm will do. Russian leaders said after the end of the cold war that they would be everyone's friend for a while and then grind the west into the ground with the heal of their boot after putting the west to sleep with grand overtures of peace while they rearmed. They were the ones who reproduced a military with everything they promised they would not do. With our back against the wall yes we would redevelop defensive weapons.    

Friday, February 3, 2017

A New US Continental Congress is Treason-

No government can long survive unless it’s laws are framed inviolate meaning that the law cannot be changed. The moment that people want to form a new continental congress in the USA or when it has happened in nations around the world the end result was the destruction of good government and the establishment of a tyrannical government. This allows for a small body of unscrupulous people to trample over the laws of a nation without the voice of the people or their approval. Though this had happened in Russia, Italy, and Germany it also happened in WWII France when the Vichy government took over under Petain. Socialists had crept into the French Government before Hitler invaded and these officials stopped troop movements which would have allowed for a more successful use of man power and the defeat at Dunkirk may not have happened. Hitler allowed Petain to take power as a puppet leader for several reasons 1) it would keep intact all of Frances holdings around the world and 2) it would allow Hitler to order all French war ships home. England fearing the ships would give Hitler a tremendous advantage asked the French Captains to sale to allied ports. When they refused the fleet was sunk. Even as a puppet leader Petain called for a French constitutional congress to clarify some points of the law. This of course was false and in a few days the French constitution was abolished and Petain was made an ultimate dictator of his countrymen. The French Police were then ordered to remove its citizens to work death camps or open pit graves from predetermined lists, no different than other socialist nations, in fact many Jews felt safer in arias where the Germans occupied the country then in Vichy France. A call for a new US constitutional congress is treason!  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Shoot-Around the Corner Gun

Shooting around corners - - one of the deadly disadvantages of street to street fighting is walking around a corner. This weapon was invented in Israel and allows one to shoot around a corner. My brother in ROTC in college told a story. They had a little exercise in simulate combat. Getting to a certain point he found one of his class mates setting down Robert asked why and he said I am dead. Robert not thinking looked over the obstacle and then set down and said I am dead too. In street to street fighting rounding each corner makes you a target. It is not High-Tec but works - a woman’s compact mirror on a paint stick. In WWII the army made little periscopes with two mirrors in them and from time to time you will see them at a gun show. Corner shot is a gun with a camera as part of the gun so the camera and gun barrel see around the corner so you do not have to stick  your head out. the gun also allows the user to target and fire. YouTube deleted the video as they also plan to delete all gun videos by the end of April 2018 ugetube is said to be coming up soon to show gun how to videos that You Tube will no longer show. Just a hearty thank you to You Tube from all us fans of the Constitution for censorship, silencing free speech, trampling on the second amendment. And the next big question is, knife censorship next on You Tube as they kill 4 to one over guns in the USA. Below is a video that works and is worth watching but not on corner shot.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

How Much Ammo to Carry in an Emergency

Historical note how much ammo to carry in an emergency - - In the battle for Okinawa WWII some US solders thought that the amount of ammo they carried was more important than there gear one historical note said 350 rounds of 30/06 equaled what would be missing in back pack weight. These solders figured that there would be lots of backpacks that could be scavenged from the dead for what they needed. Solders with a full pack with their gear many would carry 100 to 150 (30/06) bullets. In more modern times the 308 bullet and a full back pack depending on the man’s strength, was said to be 150 to 200 bullets; presently 223 or 5.56 bullets would allow for the carry of 250 to 300 bullets. The real trick to know how much ammo to carry is exclusively limited to a man’s strength and what will not limit his mobility.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anonymous - Chasing Edward Snowden Full Documentary

Edward Snowden must not be forgotten some of the basic tenants of our US republic is the fact that we are secure in our person, documents, and property. The NSA had created a monster spying on every cell phone, computer, e-mail, text, tweet, and conversation you make. Taking his life in his hand, as well as his freedom he began a march into personal oblivion. He leaked no information to foreign powers, he sold no secrets for personal enrichment. What he did do was to state in essence that the information being gathered in some future day could in the hands of a tyrant tip the scales and be used to oppress US citizens. Is that treason, not hardly, but those who would oppress us call it just that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

US Government destroy civilian 223 rifles

223 Rifles the US Government Destruction of- - The magic bullet refers to a successful product. Well the 556 bullet is a magic bullet to destroy civilian rifles. It looks the same as a 223 bullet in every way except it has a heaver powder charge. In a gun barrel there is a section called the throat if it were not in the gun, guns would eventually blow up. When the gun is fired the bullet has an unobstructed aria in the throat to move forward. This gives the bullet time to engrave in the riffling and continue forward. What they did was to chamber 556 guns with a longer throat. When that gun is fired there is for a mille second more case room so there is no pressure spike. On the other hand when a 556 bullet is fired in a 223 rifle the bullet only goes to the edge of the shorter throat and acts like an obstruction creating higher chamber pressure and the gun will in a short time blow up. The US Government agency SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute could have fixed this long ago but had no intention to do so. Look on your gun barrel if it does not say 223 – 5.56, or 223 wild do not use 5.56 ammo in that gun.   If you want to know what is coming "American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom" It is worth the investment it took me over 15 years to write it!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

US Disarmament

Long range goals for national disarmament go back decades. 308 ammo also called 7.62 X 51 was made a work horse in NATO military guns before the advent of 223 small arms ammo and it is still prevalent in machine gun ammo for the US. 308 Civilian ammo problem is that the chamber pressure is about 20,000 pounds hotter than the military 308. Loading this ammo needs to match the military standard. In a war feeding civilian ammo into these military guns will surely disable these guns in a short time. The day to day long term use of this very hot civilian ammo in civilian guns will surely eventually also lead to the failure of some of the older guns made out of poorer metal. Here again I do not think this was any type of accident. The US Government agency  SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute could have fixed this long ago. There are 34 military rifles that shoot 308 ammo and many people do not know what the end result will be from firing day in and day out this high powered civilian ammo. Parts will bend, receivers and bolts will fail. Feeding civilian ammo in a modern US machine gun in an emergency will eventually destroy the gun Who said they have not figured this out in advance.