Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Society Today

Society judges some trains of thought today as right which would have been seen as wrong a short few decades ago some legal rights today are moral wrongs. Some present ethical philosophies are not based in truth or fact and represent no ethics or truth at all. Richard Norman

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rules for Radicals

Destroying the USA and Other Governments  
What is happening in the USA happened in Germany and Russia. This little excerpt is not in my current book but will appear in the next reprint-  “The main planners use multiple attacks and change their offensive movements at the drop of a hat. The fact that this is functioning outside organizational guidelines, and without a usable model, is expressed by Saul D. Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals as the beauty of the approach. 
               “The organizer goes with the action. His approach is open-ended, curious, sensitive to any opportunities, any handle to grab on to, even though they involve other issues then those he may have in mind at the particular time. The organizer never feels lost because he has no plot, no timetable or definite points of reference” (ibid, 165). This system deals primarily by any lie and falsehood that can be used to gain public support. Though not mentioned by Alinsky, a monopoly in the media is the key reason this works, since they will fan any excitement that these demonic fire brands’ sparks will kindle. The organizers in government, the unseen leaders, and the press then throw wood on the fire, creating a new issue of supposed interest to the public. And so it goes from issue to issue, each time gleaning what could be most easily used against the freedom of the target people, creating new resentments leading to restrictive laws and methods of control. The only way to stop them is by breaking up the monopoly system in the press and government, which is critical in stopping this roller-coaster of synthetically inflated issues. What was just described is demonic disorder used in destroying, with no care for the issues thrown up. Satin is not called the author of confusion for nothing. The goal is to bring all things into a state of decay, including: law, civilization, political, historical, religion, judicial, philosophical, community home and family. The only way to stop it is to lay an ax to the root and break up the monopoly that they create in the press, radical judges, radical government officials and so on. Extremists using this system admit to their followers, in their training books, that they lied to the public, and that a lie is central to the scheme. End The point in presenting this is the fact that it is how nations are overthrown. Those who are not aware of the method waste their time stomping out small fires and do not respond to the real problems of the time embedded in their leadership.  My book American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hang us High Hillary Gun Control

.Hitler killed one person every 3 seconds after national disarmament 16,000,000 people according to some history accounts Mao Zedong (mao say tong) 40,000,000 or one person every .31557 of a second or one person every three tenths of a second give or take. People murdered while consolidating power under Stolon 60,000,000 or one person every .04753213172  of a second or almost 10 people a second Current gun related deaths in the USA about 91 a month. If we account for only 3 minutes of time to the death rate it would have looked like this; Hitler would have killed 60 people, Mao Zedong (mao say tong) would have killed in the same 3 minutes just under 57 people and Stolon 1764 people in the same 3 minutes looking at US gun deaths at 91 a month it would take us 19 months and 10 days give or take to equal what Stolon did in 3 minutes. An armed government according to history is more dangerous than armed citizens. To speak of national disarmament in the USA today means someone has an agenda and will be willing to kill to accomplish it. Want to know what’s coming. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

E-bay gun parts restrictions affect my book.

 If you were planning that AR15 build in your life then it would be well to start now. Many gun parts that were available are no longer and what is left is very restricted. Some parts are not available from the manufactures because of the mad rush to buy parts and other parts are not listed to satisfy internet restrictions. Private people listed lots of takeoff parts from their guns when they upgraded their guns. These listing have all but dried up.  My gun book for example if you type in the name using google and click on the e-bay listing it is listed as sold out on e-bay so you must type in e-bay and then the name of the book American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom to find it and yes you need the whole name . The Amazon link for my book still works directly but is listed as one available making it look like it is out of print and here too the whole name must be applied. Other gun books are not as politically charged as mine and currently appear to be left alone. What e-bay is doing is to use California gun restriction laws applied to sellers of gun parts and the products e-bay represent for the sellers.  To appreciate what is not there now you would have needed to see what was at one time available. Get what you need now while you can for your gun, or do without later.