Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hang us High Hillary Gun Control

.Hitler killed one person every 3 seconds after national disarmament 16,000,000 people according to some history accounts Mao Zedong (mao say tong) 40,000,000 or one person every .31557 of a second or one person every three tenths of a second give or take. People murdered while consolidating power under Stolon 60,000,000 or one person every .04753213172  of a second or almost 10 people a second Current gun related deaths in the USA about 91 a month. If we account for only 3 minutes of time to the death rate it would have looked like this; Hitler would have killed 60 people, Mao Zedong (mao say tong) would have killed in the same 3 minutes just under 57 people and Stolon 1764 people in the same 3 minutes looking at US gun deaths at 91 a month it would take us 19 months and 10 days give or take to equal what Stolon did in 3 minutes. An armed government according to history is more dangerous than armed citizens. To speak of national disarmament in the USA today means someone has an agenda and will be willing to kill to accomplish it. Want to know what’s coming. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

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