Saturday, December 27, 2014

Founding Fathers Armory AR Lower Receiver Review

Recently a very fine receiver has come into my hands that deserves particular attention. Some metal was removed where the clip inserts in a sort of jet wing shape on each side. This was not to be cheep but a design change that did not detract from the function of the clip port but did allow the maker to move the metal to add additional strength to the receiver without increasing the weight. The trigger guard was one addition and it too was made to allow for the wearing of gloves in cold weather as well. There are two finger groves at the front of the receiver and when the clip in installed I am still able to get my thumb in front of the trigger and pull the trigger with my trigger finger and I have big hands which allows another option for holding the gun. Also noteworthy additional metal being left at the back of the receiver  where the stock connects. The receiver is not only multi caliber but takes additional clips some receivers may not. It comes with an additional bolt which has a plastic end which will allow you to take out the slop typically found in cheaper upper receivers as well as eliminating the rattle and movement of the upper. When I print my next edition I will mention them in my book. This receivers tolerances would stand toe to toe with Colt and Bushmaster and may even be better. Design wise it is superior in every way and stands apart. An excellent buy if looking for the best out there. They do not disappoint! Founding Fathers Armory

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Putting Christ Back into Christmas

People do not talk about Christian  principles any more, and the world scoffs at those who do. Somehow people want us to be ashamed to be a Christian. In fact they would prefer that we settle into some obscure corner and cringe in silence and hope that no one notices us. They also want to take Christ out of Christmas. Perhaps they fear that we will bring a revival of the doctrine of Christ and and a return to the standards of the past. 
The perfect life of the carpenter of Galilee who had his beginnings as the babe of Bethlehem was full of persecution and yet he stood up and said to "take up our cross and come and follow me" (him). At this Christmas season let us not only remember why he came-- but remember why we came here and that was to emulate what he had taught us. At a time when people are more comfortable with those who turn from the doctrine of life perhaps our greatest challenge will be to turn to our Savior and deal with those who are uncomfortable and lift some few souls who would follow us and help them rediscover Christ. As for those who are uncomfortable. That is their problem not ours, their uncomfortable nature should not stop us from living our religion as we set a goal to endure to the end. He lives and was the promised Messiah whose star heralded his birth and is the savior of the world!  Merry Christmas Richard W Norman

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ammo and Gun Supplies Homemade

 If you look at some of the older posts you will see that they required a massive amount of work to produce. They cover many facets of information on guns, ammo, and ammo and gun product production at home and offer much usable information. There are photos and instructions on making or using ammo and gun stuff and a small sampling of some of the more usable information is placed above and all you need to do is click but there is much, much more. Some travel was also involved to photo processes in making needed emergency ammo and gun equipment. So it would pay you to look back as I did things and made things that could be more than useful in a national emergency. The truth is that there were so few daily hits on the site that some of the products that took weeks and weeks to produce did not justify the investment of more  of my time in making more. So scrambled in were wises sayings of mine which gave me time to work out and finish a product. Making a wise saying is like playing baseball some are strike outs, others are hits, and a very few are home runs. The other reason that this may be my last post on this sight for a while is that some people simply cut and paste my information and then use it to generate hits on their own sight by leaching off of my hard work. But this is of no concern at present as the nation is in such need of information. But they need to link directly back to my site one of my posts explains copy right restrictions. Some links popup a note. You are being transferred to another sight do you want to continue. This is forbidden see Copyright post July 13, 2012.
   Regardless national disarmament will lead to the need to produce guns, ammo, webbing (Gun and ammo related holsters and pouches), primers and emergency ammo reloading, and yes emergency guns. Maybe this sight and my books are a little ahead of its time. The unfortunate thing is the fact that they may be banned before anyone gets to see them.
  Perhaps the biggest fault of this generation is the fact that they have enjoyed the fruit of the sacrifice of the patriots. This generation have seen so much of the problems of the time and ignored them in the pursuit of spending so much of their every minute, effort and energy in trying to be some thing or someone; to acquire things like money, honors among men, position, property or prominence and have neglected the most important principle necessary for the preservation of  what they want and that is to spend a little time preserving freedom into the next generation and that is to forget themselves and do something now while they can. If you seriously look at this sight there is a lot of good information! 
Richard W Norman to see my book on home made gun stuff click my name