Saturday, December 27, 2014

Founding Fathers Armory AR Lower Receiver Review

Recently a very fine receiver has come into my hands that deserves particular attention. Some metal was removed where the clip inserts in a sort of jet wing shape on each side. This was not to be cheep but a design change that did not detract from the function of the clip port but did allow the maker to move the metal to add additional strength to the receiver without increasing the weight. The trigger guard was one addition and it too was made to allow for the wearing of gloves in cold weather as well. There are two finger groves at the front of the receiver and when the clip in installed I am still able to get my thumb in front of the trigger and pull the trigger with my trigger finger and I have big hands which allows another option for holding the gun. Also noteworthy additional metal being left at the back of the receiver  where the stock connects. The receiver is not only multi caliber but takes additional clips some receivers may not. It comes with an additional bolt which has a plastic end which will allow you to take out the slop typically found in cheaper upper receivers as well as eliminating the rattle and movement of the upper. When I print my next edition I will mention them in my book. This receivers tolerances would stand toe to toe with Colt and Bushmaster and may even be better. Design wise it is superior in every way and stands apart. An excellent buy if looking for the best out there. They do not disappoint! Founding Fathers Armory

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