Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ammo and Gun Supplies Homemade

 If you look at some of the older posts you will see that they required a massive amount of work to produce. They cover many facets of information on guns, ammo, and ammo and gun product production at home and offer much usable information. There are photos and instructions on making or using ammo and gun stuff and a small sampling of some of the more usable information is placed above and all you need to do is click but there is much, much more. Some travel was also involved to photo processes in making needed emergency ammo and gun equipment. So it would pay you to look back as I did things and made things that could be more than useful in a national emergency. The truth is that there were so few daily hits on the site that some of the products that took weeks and weeks to produce did not justify the investment of more  of my time in making more. So scrambled in were wises sayings of mine which gave me time to work out and finish a product. Making a wise saying is like playing baseball some are strike outs, others are hits, and a very few are home runs. The other reason that this may be my last post on this sight for a while is that some people simply cut and paste my information and then use it to generate hits on their own sight by leaching off of my hard work. But this is of no concern at present as the nation is in such need of information. But they need to link directly back to my site one of my posts explains copy right restrictions. Some links popup a note. You are being transferred to another sight do you want to continue. This is forbidden see Copyright post July 13, 2012.
   Regardless national disarmament will lead to the need to produce guns, ammo, webbing (Gun and ammo related holsters and pouches), primers and emergency ammo reloading, and yes emergency guns. Maybe this sight and my books are a little ahead of its time. The unfortunate thing is the fact that they may be banned before anyone gets to see them.
  Perhaps the biggest fault of this generation is the fact that they have enjoyed the fruit of the sacrifice of the patriots. This generation have seen so much of the problems of the time and ignored them in the pursuit of spending so much of their every minute, effort and energy in trying to be some thing or someone; to acquire things like money, honors among men, position, property or prominence and have neglected the most important principle necessary for the preservation of  what they want and that is to spend a little time preserving freedom into the next generation and that is to forget themselves and do something now while they can. If you seriously look at this sight there is a lot of good information! 
Richard W Norman to see my book on home made gun stuff click my name        

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