Monday, April 18, 2016

AR 15 Gun building weight and helpful instructions

The heaviest battle weapon was the Tommy gun which weighed 14 & ¾ pounds with a loaded drum magazine. An M1 Garand weighs 9.5 lb with 8 rounds of ammo. The AR 15 is most desirable because of its light weight. The lighter the gun the more ammo you can carry. It is said that the weight of 700 bullets in 7.62X39 (for AK 47 or SKS rifles) equals the weight of over 1000 bullets for 223or 5.56 ammo (for the AR 15 rifle). Light weight AR rifles weigh 6 lb and everything you add goes up from there. I think the best build on an AR would have the weight distributed so you can hold it in one hand by the grip and the gun balances both ways. This would allow you to shoot it like a pistol if you were desperate and injuries precluded supporting it normally at the shoulder. When putting together an AR one must decide what he wants a gun to do. Lighter weight sacrifice greater accuracy and the range you would get from heavy barrel guns. If you want light weight mobility you will settle for a close to mid-range gun which will also work well for close quarters use and has a shorter barrel. Again the trade-off of other benefits associated with a heavier and longer barrel guns is the reach to further targets. The AR 15 is one of the most flexible weapons ever made to allow for add-on’s of varying products. People who want to pistol build an AR end up with nether accuracy or range and the gun works best with heavier bullets. But the real down play is the fact that rifle ammo uses a slower burning propellant. This means that the AR pistol can in no way burn all the rifle powder in the pistol barrel so you also louse muzzle velocity, reach and accuracy, and have a gun more prone to jams.