Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gun Deaths verses Other Deaths

According to Google headers siting from NIDA’s statistics 570, 000 people die each year from drug use that is 1561.6 each day. or 65 people an hour. Breaking it down farther 440,000 die from tobacco that is 1205.5 a day or 50 people an hour. 
Guns currently Kill on average of 36 people per day or 1.5 an hour. So let us put this in perspective by placing them side by side drug deaths 65 an hour tobacco deaths 50 an hour gun deaths 1.5 an hour. Knives kill 5 times more people than guns 180 people per day last year according to a Googol header that is 7.5 an hour.
Driving a car is a privilege American gun rights is a right so the moment you feel unsafe you do not have to wait for a police man. Statistically if your aggressor wants to do you harm  he or she will be long gone before the police arrive. The Supreme Court noted in a number of cases that the police have no obligation to post guards if you feel unsafe. Why! There are not enough police in the world to protect everyone. More important after national disarmament in Russia and later in Germany the general public could not defend themselves against their own governments. Hitler would kill 8,000,000 German non-Jews to protect his position. But the tirade of the monsters Hitler, Mussolini, and Japans Generals would cost a life every 3 seconds during every day of WWII. Show me one example where disarmament lead to greater freedom, liberty and safety. The NRA points out that from police statistics over 2,000,000 crimes are stopped each year by the mere presentation of a firearm without firing a shot. That means that without guns there would have been that number additional crimes for the police to deal with. But more important 2,000,000 additional victims or rape, murder, robbery, etc. The fear of gun owners is that after national disarmament there will be an all powerful political organization arise that will use force, ambition, and murder to achieve their goals. This was why our  founders set up a government where the people would have ultimate control and that safety net is the second amendment.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ammo Sales and Shortage Solutions

The USA is in an ammo crises and the need to supply your gun with ammo when its sale and supply has been in jeopardy by calculating men in Washington D.C. may be critical for the future. Our political leaders are repeating what was done in Russia and Germany before their move to socialism. If this is the case why not own your own gun and ammo supply system. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 553 pages of the most extensive gun and ammo book you have ever seen. The book includes propellant formulas even smokeless and primer formulas; how to make gun parts from salvaged metal and harden them, or how to make guns from scratch. Powerful and economical information using what is around you in an emergency.