Saturday, December 17, 2016

How Much Ammo to Carry in an Emergency

Historical note how much ammo to carry in an emergency - - In the battle for Okinawa WWII some US solders thought that the amount of ammo they carried was more important than there gear one historical note said 350 rounds of 30/06 equaled what would be missing in back pack weight. These solders figured that there would be lots of backpacks that could be scavenged from the dead for what they needed. Solders with a full pack with their gear many would carry 100 to 150 (30/06) bullets. In more modern times the 308 bullet and a full back pack depending on the man’s strength, was said to be 150 to 200 bullets; presently 223 or 5.56 bullets would allow for the carry of 250 to 300 bullets. The real trick to know how much ammo to carry is exclusively limited to a man’s strength and what will not limit his mobility.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Anonymous - Chasing Edward Snowden Full Documentary

Edward Snowden must not be forgotten some of the basic tenants of our US republic is the fact that we are secure in our person, documents, and property. The NSA had created a monster spying on every cell phone, computer, e-mail, text, tweet, and conversation you make. Taking his life in his hand, as well as his freedom he began a march into personal oblivion. He leaked no information to foreign powers, he sold no secrets for personal enrichment. What he did do was to state in essence that the information being gathered in some future day could in the hands of a tyrant tip the scales and be used to oppress US citizens. Is that treason, not hardly, but those who would oppress us call it just that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

US Government destroy civilian 223 rifles

223 Rifles the US Government Destruction of- - The magic bullet refers to a successful product. Well the 556 bullet is a magic bullet to destroy civilian rifles. It looks the same as a 223 bullet in every way except it has a heaver powder charge. In a gun barrel there is a section called the throat if it were not in the gun, guns would eventually blow up. When the gun is fired the bullet has an unobstructed aria in the throat to move forward. This gives the bullet time to engrave in the riffling and continue forward. What they did was to chamber 556 guns with a longer throat. When that gun is fired there is for a mille second more case room so there is no pressure spike. On the other hand when a 556 bullet is fired in a 223 rifle the bullet only goes to the edge of the shorter throat and acts like an obstruction creating higher chamber pressure and the gun will in a short time blow up. The US Government agency SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute could have fixed this long ago but had no intention to do so. Look on your gun barrel if it does not say 223 – 5.56, or 223 wild do not use 5.56 ammo in that gun.   If you want to know what is coming "American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom" It is worth the investment it took me over 15 years to write it!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

US Disarmament

Long range goals for national disarmament go back decades. 308 ammo also called 7.62 X 51 was made a work horse in NATO military guns before the advent of 223 small arms ammo and it is still prevalent in machine gun ammo for the US. 308 Civilian ammo problem is that the chamber pressure is about 20,000 pounds hotter than the military 308. Loading this ammo needs to match the military standard. In a war feeding civilian ammo into these military guns will surely disable these guns in a short time. The day to day long term use of this very hot civilian ammo in civilian guns will surely eventually also lead to the failure of some of the older guns made out of poorer metal. Here again I do not think this was any type of accident. The US Government agency  SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute could have fixed this long ago. There are 34 military rifles that shoot 308 ammo and many people do not know what the end result will be from firing day in and day out this high powered civilian ammo. Parts will bend, receivers and bolts will fail. Feeding civilian ammo in a modern US machine gun in an emergency will eventually destroy the gun Who said they have not figured this out in advance.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Obama Justifies FEMA imprisonment of civilians!

We must not forget what Obama started may occur in four years after Trump. Owning your own arms and ammo production ability may be critical to the survival of this nation. This short video should sear into the heart of the patriot a need of preparation for what Obama talked about was no different than what was done in the tyranny of Russia and Germany. It takes time to learn good reloading, good bullet production, good shooting skills. Waiting to rush in at the last minute in four years and do what you should have done now may leave you unprepared. Remember Hillary would have moved forward with national disarmament, people controls, etc. This speech is no different than Hitler or Linen would have given- defend against the potential enemy from within. The trouble is many in congress support this philosophy, Obama is leaving office but they are not.
Do you want to know what is going on and be able to defend your rights American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shot making machine Using My-

If you ever wanted to make shot- -  And No I do not sell shot machines! Shot making is one of the simplest processes and requires three initial procedures one is to have a source of lead and the second is to clean it and turn it into ingots. The third and final step is to turn it into shot which is fast and little more trouble than setting up your shot making machine. There are some show stoppers which can quickly be overcome when you know what to look for. Below is my shot machine in action.  The coolant is liquid laundry detergent but water soluble oil will work.
To Learn more on how to make shot American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom has a complete section on shot making   

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Son of a Gun

Son of a gun- One of the freak accidents of the Civil War occurred at the battle of Raymond in Mississippi , May 12, 1863 at about 3:00 in the afternoon. A family was on the porch of their home waiting for a lull in the fight so they could offer aid when a Minnie ball passed through a solders left testicle and hit the oldest daughter who was on the porch. After attending to the soldier Dr Legrand G. Capers rushed to attend to the young woman some 300 yards from the fight. The good doctor returned to check on the young girl a number of times  and found she was pregnant and examined her and found her virtue intact. The Doctor introduced her to the soldier and they were eventually married and produced two more children the conventional way. The first child had a lump in him and the doctor decided to operate what he found was the Minnie ball which had been seamlessly enclosed around by the child as he developed. First published in 1874 in a Louisville medical journal “American Medical Weekly”  Doctor Legrand G. Capers

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Women children and guns

Women children and guns- - The guys should read it too! Before moving forward with reloading it would be well to inform all on some choices of guns that would make a lot of sense. In choosing a gun for the house revolvers are the most reliable but with children around a revolver is too much like a cap gun. They have no safety and are ready at a moment’s notice. To insure the safety of our children when they were small a revolver was out of the question and we settled on a semi-auto. The semi-auto had two pusses one was it had a safety and two if we did not store it with one in the chamber it would need to be cycled to load it which is near impossible for a  small child. This required practice so my wife could pick up the gun cycle it and knock off the safety. Having been a concealed carry instructor an important consideration in buying guns would be to have the safety working the same way. Up safety, or down safety, it is a known fact that women at home when there was an intruder sometimes could not get to their own gun and the police would find them dead with the skin scuffed off of their thumb as they tried to knock off the safety that worked opposite of their gun. So you guys you may have an assortment of guns in your collection do not get rid of them but for your home defense guns you leave as accessible should work in the same way as your wife’s gun. In teaching children about guns the rule at our house was you can see a gun any time you wish as long as you ask and we help them. They can go shooting when they wish as long as they give a little notice so we could plan for it. Any time a gun was out to be cleaned I would ask do you want to see it. Soon the response was that is boring. We filled water containers old soda bottles and shot shaving cream cans so we could explain that getting shot was not like the movies the person would not be in another show next week they would be gone, dead, and buried. Child locks have their place and that is where there is an unusual child who never follows instructions, rebels at every bit of counsel and does what he or she wants in spite of what they are told. In that case a child lock may be your only hope. 


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Getting Elected by Hook or Crook

Political rhetoric endows the candidate the necessity to invoke shallow standards of morality and religion. Terms we all know “in God we trust” and “God bless America” etc. but no sooner do they take office they endeavor to censor God, silence those who mention him in public and take his standards out of laws, governments city, state and federal, schools and our courtrooms –if they do that can God really bless America? RWN    

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Society Today

Society judges some trains of thought today as right which would have been seen as wrong a short few decades ago some legal rights today are moral wrongs. Some present ethical philosophies are not based in truth or fact and represent no ethics or truth at all. Richard Norman

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rules for Radicals

Destroying the USA and Other Governments  
What is happening in the USA happened in Germany and Russia. This little excerpt is not in my current book but will appear in the next reprint-  “The main planners use multiple attacks and change their offensive movements at the drop of a hat. The fact that this is functioning outside organizational guidelines, and without a usable model, is expressed by Saul D. Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals as the beauty of the approach. 
               “The organizer goes with the action. His approach is open-ended, curious, sensitive to any opportunities, any handle to grab on to, even though they involve other issues then those he may have in mind at the particular time. The organizer never feels lost because he has no plot, no timetable or definite points of reference” (ibid, 165). This system deals primarily by any lie and falsehood that can be used to gain public support. Though not mentioned by Alinsky, a monopoly in the media is the key reason this works, since they will fan any excitement that these demonic fire brands’ sparks will kindle. The organizers in government, the unseen leaders, and the press then throw wood on the fire, creating a new issue of supposed interest to the public. And so it goes from issue to issue, each time gleaning what could be most easily used against the freedom of the target people, creating new resentments leading to restrictive laws and methods of control. The only way to stop them is by breaking up the monopoly system in the press and government, which is critical in stopping this roller-coaster of synthetically inflated issues. What was just described is demonic disorder used in destroying, with no care for the issues thrown up. Satin is not called the author of confusion for nothing. The goal is to bring all things into a state of decay, including: law, civilization, political, historical, religion, judicial, philosophical, community home and family. The only way to stop it is to lay an ax to the root and break up the monopoly that they create in the press, radical judges, radical government officials and so on. Extremists using this system admit to their followers, in their training books, that they lied to the public, and that a lie is central to the scheme. End The point in presenting this is the fact that it is how nations are overthrown. Those who are not aware of the method waste their time stomping out small fires and do not respond to the real problems of the time embedded in their leadership.  My book American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hang us High Hillary Gun Control

.Hitler killed one person every 3 seconds after national disarmament 16,000,000 people according to some history accounts Mao Zedong (mao say tong) 40,000,000 or one person every .31557 of a second or one person every three tenths of a second give or take. People murdered while consolidating power under Stolon 60,000,000 or one person every .04753213172  of a second or almost 10 people a second Current gun related deaths in the USA about 91 a month. If we account for only 3 minutes of time to the death rate it would have looked like this; Hitler would have killed 60 people, Mao Zedong (mao say tong) would have killed in the same 3 minutes just under 57 people and Stolon 1764 people in the same 3 minutes looking at US gun deaths at 91 a month it would take us 19 months and 10 days give or take to equal what Stolon did in 3 minutes. An armed government according to history is more dangerous than armed citizens. To speak of national disarmament in the USA today means someone has an agenda and will be willing to kill to accomplish it. Want to know what’s coming. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

E-bay gun parts restrictions affect my book.

 If you were planning that AR15 build in your life then it would be well to start now. Many gun parts that were available are no longer and what is left is very restricted. Some parts are not available from the manufactures because of the mad rush to buy parts and other parts are not listed to satisfy internet restrictions. Private people listed lots of takeoff parts from their guns when they upgraded their guns. These listing have all but dried up.  My gun book for example if you type in the name using google and click on the e-bay listing it is listed as sold out on e-bay so you must type in e-bay and then the name of the book American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom to find it and yes you need the whole name . The Amazon link for my book still works directly but is listed as one available making it look like it is out of print and here too the whole name must be applied. Other gun books are not as politically charged as mine and currently appear to be left alone. What e-bay is doing is to use California gun restriction laws applied to sellers of gun parts and the products e-bay represent for the sellers.  To appreciate what is not there now you would have needed to see what was at one time available. Get what you need now while you can for your gun, or do without later. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tests of Men

Good men do not rise with ease the stronger the misfortune the stronger he will be. His height in not always measured by stature but the growth he achieves from within, the storms he has weathered from his quiet tests within. 
Richard W. Norman

Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 The right person for US president

I do not know if we have the right man or woman running to run this country. Neither Hillary or Trump appeal to everyone, or perhaps any one. I lived in the day of Ross Perot in 1992 and have seen the consequence of a split ticket vote against President George H. W Bush and Bill Clinton used it. When Perot was ahead in the poles he withdrew and then came back in before the election and assured Bills election; Bill would proceed to dismantle the US military until 2 out of every 3 fighter planes were scraped and he dismantled our navy until it was smaller than the navy of France. It is a matter of public record that he gave away our Inter Continual Ballistic missile plans to China as well as our multiple package delivery systems for nuclear war heads. It did not stop there he gave away the tool and die plant for $1, 000,000 if memory serves on the price to produce that missile in China and declassified truckloads of secret information on our inventions of war and shipped that to China as well. He also signed a treaty with Russia to destroy 10,000 of our tanks and so Bill had them deep sixed, meaning that they were thrown into the Gulf of Mexico in pits so deep that there would be no equipment known to man to recover them. Russia on the other hand took off the turrets and parked their tanks on farms and called them farm equipment. Hillary a few years ago went to the UN and supported disarming the American People. In a previous meeting a few years before that the UN called public owned arms illicit and made no reservations in stating that their biggest fear was long guns when it was time to disarm the USA. Bill and Hillary back in Washington is to bitter a pill to swallow. Bill Clinton did more damage to the military of the USA than 30 Pearl Harbors. Perhaps Trump is not the right man for the job but voting split ticket for the independent will insure Hillers election. However if Trump won he could not be any worse and perhaps do better. It is taking a chance but Hillary would be a bigger chance.       

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Russia Begins Religious Censorship Again

Russia had opened their doors to missionaries as a gesture of freedom to their people and propaganda control, to appear acceptable to the world as a free country but today July 20, 2016 new laws go into effect that religion can only be taught in a church and missionaries name tags must display the word volunteer not missionary. We can expect to see religious persecution in Russia again, and religious government censorship in the USA by socialists in our US government. According to the communist manifesto all existing social orders are to be destroyed religion being a prime target as it governs law. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Republican convention 2016

As I watch the republican convention the first night with much of congress looking like they had swallowed sour lemons who refused to applaud, cheer, and support the party; some delegates interviewed who supported Hillary. I know we have little choice this election but Trump has upset the proverbial apple cart which I would like to see continue. He has said what we want to hear just as other politicians have, if he will do half of what he promised we will begin to go back on track as the greatest nation on earth. If he did not we would not be any worse off than to let a business man run fiscal policy rather than an unexperienced politician who gives money away hand and fist with no regard for our children or future generations.     

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Without vigilance and activity in preserving our government we may well louse our liberty in favor of our present self-satisfying interests, our wanton comfort, our desire to not become involved, our self-satisfying blindness in other words do not become involved  with the facts as we may have to do something. Our continual back turning on our responsibility will lead our children and grandchildren down a rode to slavery. We must turn from our- What can I do attitude? To a what can I do attitude!
Richard Norman 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gay Bathrooms Rights

Non gender bathrooms were used in Germany; an escaped American WWII P.O.W. needed to urinate and could not bring himself to use the facilities like everyone else and this led to being caught. 2016 Obama executive order bathrooms would be made non gender specific eventually we will be shepherded in to one central bathroom. We are at the point where we can tell who our enemies are in leadership, the press, and courts simply by what they support in the principle of deconstruction. This is necessary to destroy any ideology of the former generation this socialist term is called deconstruction or destabilization of a nation. What occurs is to make the next generation think and reject any principle of religion, law and government. Now modest is on the chopping block and in 15 to 20 years going into the same bathroom as the opposite sex will be an accepted occurrence. History is repeating itself and yes it takes people who pas edicts who are socialists to perform such indoctrination.

Monday, April 18, 2016

AR 15 Gun building weight and helpful instructions

The heaviest battle weapon was the Tommy gun which weighed 14 & ¾ pounds with a loaded drum magazine. An M1 Garand weighs 9.5 lb with 8 rounds of ammo. The AR 15 is most desirable because of its light weight. The lighter the gun the more ammo you can carry. It is said that the weight of 700 bullets in 7.62X39 (for AK 47 or SKS rifles) equals the weight of over 1000 bullets for 223or 5.56 ammo (for the AR 15 rifle). Light weight AR rifles weigh 6 lb and everything you add goes up from there. I think the best build on an AR would have the weight distributed so you can hold it in one hand by the grip and the gun balances both ways. This would allow you to shoot it like a pistol if you were desperate and injuries precluded supporting it normally at the shoulder. When putting together an AR one must decide what he wants a gun to do. Lighter weight sacrifice greater accuracy and the range you would get from heavy barrel guns. If you want light weight mobility you will settle for a close to mid-range gun which will also work well for close quarters use and has a shorter barrel. Again the trade-off of other benefits associated with a heavier and longer barrel guns is the reach to further targets. The AR 15 is one of the most flexible weapons ever made to allow for add-on’s of varying products. People who want to pistol build an AR end up with nether accuracy or range and the gun works best with heavier bullets. But the real down play is the fact that rifle ammo uses a slower burning propellant. This means that the AR pistol can in no way burn all the rifle powder in the pistol barrel so you also louse muzzle velocity, reach and accuracy, and have a gun more prone to jams.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Barnes and Noble Reverse Piracy $560

  I guess you could call it reverse shoplifting. My book is American Handbook on Guns Ammoand Freedom; I do not take things and never have.  I deposited four books each in four different Barnes and Noble Book Stores. Face value at $35 each so that was a gift of $35 X 16 = $560 giveaway. Foolish perhaps! ISBN bar codes should ring up at the register. In the future, hopefully their computer records will show that at one time they sold my books. How did I do it - my book is 553 pages long so it is no feather weight. I had an old backpack the kids used in school and put as many books in as would fit (which was 4). Looking about I found a shelf where they would fit in, categories like crafts. Given my book is on homemade gun construction, powder, primer, bullets, clip making, spring making and a host of other gun related topics to keep a gun running in an emergency I think that would qualify as a craft. Before leaving I showed the clerk at the register that my back pack was empty. Cost of shipping to Barnes and Noble zero dollars. Cost of printing to Barnes and Noble zero dollars. Cost of paying a person to stock the book zero dollars. Revenue they collect $560.
Return to me zero dollars.  The loss of printing costs for a book that large is something I cannot afford to do every day, chance of having them beat down my door and want more books, less than slight. The one positive note is that sixteen people can say that they got a copy of my book at Barnes and Noble. Was it worth it? It depends who the 16 people are. My book is on Amazon as well.

Richard W. Norman    

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Much Ammo and What Caliber in a Spam Can

A Spam Can is what a can of communist block ammo is shipped in. They come with a can opener but can be opened with the tip of a flat tipped screw driver and a hammer if you do not have a can opener. Put your foot on the can. The screw driver tip is turned at a 45 degree angle and struck from the side near the tip along the edge of the can. As soon as the screw driver pierces the can only let the tip enter 3/8 of an inch and continue hitting the tip from the side near the tip this will tear the can open very easily .
The number of 7.62X54 bullets in a spam can is about 400
The number of 7.62X39  bullets in a spam can is 640 to 700 rounds

You will know if you have the wrong ammo for the wrong gun by the quantity in a can. A minimal storage amount for a rifle should be 1000 rounds of ammo. The BATF was taking note of 1000 round orders so only by smaller quantities each month until you get what you want. First choice buy from a gun shop and pay cash second choice order ammo one can at a time and do not order again for 30 days into the next calendar month.  
Critical is to have the stripper clips for the caliber you shoot. For 7.62X39 this is a 10 round stripper clip and for 7.62X54 these are 5 found clips  get as many as you can afford.
How to make at home what you need for your gun when the day comes you may no longer be able to buy it American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom  

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bullet Mold Galling Failing

This is a condition which occurs on bullet molds is called galling. First let us define the terms in relation to bullet molds.
 1) A sprew plate or sprews cutter is the top plate that cuts off the excess lead when you cast a bullet.
 2) A sprue is the glob of lead the speew cutter cuts off.
 3) Locking lugs are the dimples sticking out of one half of the bullet mold that aligns with a coinciding hole or grove in the other half of the bullet mold which keeps the two halves in alignment.
4) Failing bullet molds have several reasons which I will list below.
A) Galling is when the sprew cuter  rubs against the bullet mold and one or both deteriorate.
B) Ladle pour burn – This is typically found when people use pouring ladles to cast bullets. As the mold and ladle are turned the hot lead hits one side of the mold first and the steal begins to deteriorate eventually leading to an out of shaped bullet making the mold unusable.
 Bullet mold failure has several reasons depending on the mold in question. Aluminum molds are inexpensive and less durable than steal molds and so one cannot expect them to give as long a life as steal molds. The trade off is the savings in price. A galling mold has the sprew cutter chewing up the metal beneath it. This can occur on steal or aluminum molds.
Galling aluminum mold- Aluminum molds have the sprew plate fairly snug from the factory and this should be left that way. I have found that a little lubricant at the corner will help. Graphite is problematic as it will not last long and every few minutes you will need to reapply it. Bees wax should never be used in any condition on any bullet mold as it travels.
Lubricating aluminum molds. Wax, oil, grease, lard, etc has no business in a bullet cavity it will cause the bullet to wrinkle and drive you crazy.  However there is a solution for aluminum bullet molds and is best when the mold is new. First clean the mold by slushing it around in lacquer thinner. With the mold clean and dry start to cast until the mold is up to temperature. Now cast and leave the bullets in the bullet mold and move the sprew cutter aside. Using a lit candle and the end of a toothpick get the smallest amount of wax possible on the end of the toothpick, almost nothing!  Touch it by the sprew plate where the mold pivots. On one side and then do it again on the other with another toothpick. Close and reopen the mold. Look to make sure that the wax is not traveling toward a bullet cavity. Wipe away if the wax moves at all toward the cavity. Open and close the hot mold a number of times to make sure the wax is staying in place. Now begin to cast this should last for over 100 lb of bullet casting before it needs to be reapplied.
Lubricating steel molds- Steel molds should have the sprew plate adjusted so it is fairly louse so it closes just by a jerk of the wrist.  No lubricant of any type should be used on a steal mold. And the steel mold should have the factory lubricant removed with lacquer thinner before use and it should be re-lubricated for storage when you are finishes with a lite oil.
Galling steal mold – This is a hopeful post and non-definitive as I do not have any other test subjects. I have had galling steal molds before and I think it is from carbon deposit concentrations in the steal. When a steal mold starts to gall there is no stopping it. Usually the manufacture will replace it for free as long as it does not show abuse. Having a galling mold I thought I would cast until the gall worked its way into the bullet cavity. While casting I remembered that some old bullet molds were made of brass and stopped casting and let the galling mold cool. Taking the sprew plate off I took an old shell casing and gave the top of the mold a real workout by hand until it was covered with embedded brass. I have casted quit a bit with it over time and the galling has not continued.
Ladle pour burn- As mentioned this condition sometimes occurs when people use pouring ladles however this condition never occurs when using a downspout pot.  
This should give you an overview of bullet mold problems.

Richard W. Norman     Author of American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom        

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gun Book Internet Censorship

 Some of the problem I have faced in promoting my book. Strange to note the Internet controls on guns and gun information not faced by other blogs and sites that are not gun related. Many blog sites are given top ratings simply asking a single question about guns or gun processes like bullet casting or reloading. 6 or 8 comments are made and at the bottom they restrict any further comment or threads. If you type in gun books many gun books appear but many other books are mixed in which are not gun related in any way. So there is no avenue to make a book known if the public do not know what it is called. There is no list of gun books for people to shop from. One gun breakdown instruction manual of an obscure gun lists the small number sold like more than 35 the last time I looked and has a near the top listing. Gun books sold on Amazon may have a list of 1 available which makes it look as though the book is out of print.   
The controls desired by political leaders is to stop independent gun information on the Internet and some have expressed that gun information should be censored as soon as possible. In less you have written a gun book you could not appreciate the uphill battle we gun writers are facing. My book is on its third printing and sells well at gun shows but Internet sells are almost nonexistent. My blog site for the most part gets 3 or 4 hits on a post and never gets a hit again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All American anti Disarmament Hand Book

This book was released in 2008 and unique in the fact that it dealt with upcoming goals to disarm the country. Its premise was to place within the public's hands the ability  to make homemade guns, shot, ammo, powder and primers. The author Richard W. Norman took home arms production into simply use what was available to offer plans for a  number of guns and included a full auto blueprints and plans of the WWII STEN SMG which the British made from old pipe and scrap metal which was a front line gun in the war.  The front of the book outlined a number of comparisons in the overthrow of nations like Germany and Russia where national disarmament lead to tyranny. He also offered solutions to stop a socialist shift in the USA if it should occur. The Title All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook was very misunderstood. So many people thought it was a book on Disarmament not catching the Anti (meant against) and not realizing that the title was against disarmament. This necessitated a change for other printings. The Book is currently called American Handbook on Guns Ammo  and Freedom and more than one third larger with over 450 photos and drawings and over 553 pages in length. The book takes you into making gun repair parts in an emergency and includes smokeless propellant formulas and all the information from the first book is expanded and amplified. You will have within your grasp the ability to make your gun shoot if you have no ammo or fix it if it is broken or make a gun if you had no gun; all with simple tools and salvage. The value of such information in an emergency would be priceless,       
Richard W. Norman All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook is now American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom third printing 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Checking a Powder Scale (Gun) (Ammo)

I have loaded for years and recently came across a situation which caused me no small bit of concern. I like to use the powder Unique for reloading where ever I can because it has been around for a long time and if the shells ever get wet you can pull the bullet and after the powder and primer is dried you can put it back in the shell casing and the bullet will shoot as well as any other. The fact that the powder is known for long term storage is legendary. Picking a load for a different shell casing than I had loaded before I was greatly concerned because the amount of Unique being used. The powder nearly filled the case to just below the bullet. Now if you reload you will know that a pistol powder charge is very fast burning propellant and if you load too much you can louse a gun.
Being in doubt as to the accurecy of my powder scale something had to be done to have a comparison check of the powder charge. I had a set of powder dippers but had gotten rid of them some time ago as I never thought I would need them again as I had moved on to better equipment. My Lee powder throwing disks were not gauged to throw Unique for the project at hand as the powder chart attested. RCBS makes a set of weights to check a scale with but none were readily available and I wanted to finish the project.
I went on line and spent some time looking at comments on loading the shell with Unique and found that others mentioned the amount of powder being used in the shell casing prohibited a double charge if a mistake was made throwing the powder. This made me feel a little better but I am a careful fellow and wanted to be sure I was not climbing the wrong tree. I do not use an electric scale as in an emergency batteries may not be available. I reload in the garage and the scale had set for a while so the first thing was to take the balancing arm off and dust off the pivot point as settling dust and dirt could change the way the scale works. A small spider had nested in  the spot where the balances pivot point were and he was so small you wouldn’t have noticed if you did not look for him. So if you uses a regular powder scale 1) dust off the pivot point before  you start to reload. 2) Zero out your scale so when all the balances are at zero the pointer points at zero. 3) It is well to have the ability to check your scale before loading. This requires some method to throw on a known charge and compare it to your scale. I found myself looking for another set of powder dippers to do a comparative charge.
 4) The RCBS scale check weights are
1………………200 Grain
2………………100 Grain
1……………… 50 Grain
2……………….20 Grain
1……………….10 Grain
1……………….5 Grain
2………………  2 Grain
1………………..1 Grain
1……………….5 Grain
1……………….Pair of tweezers
The RCBS weight set is Farley pricey $40 give or take. It would be best to have a comparative scale to make these check weights (borrowed from a friend), yet in a time when you know your scale is working right you could produce these weights out of aluminum soda can cutouts and sand paper the edge of the cutout as you get close to the exact weight. I have made counter balances such as these and it takes about 30 minutes. Mark them with a permanent marker and put the weights in an old medicine bottle. It also will not matter if you fold them to make some of them more usable. A pair of old tweezers may be useful if the wife will part with them or loan them to you from time to time or buy them from the dollar store.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gun Deaths verses Other Deaths

According to Google headers siting from NIDA’s statistics 570, 000 people die each year from drug use that is 1561.6 each day. or 65 people an hour. Breaking it down farther 440,000 die from tobacco that is 1205.5 a day or 50 people an hour. 
Guns currently Kill on average of 36 people per day or 1.5 an hour. So let us put this in perspective by placing them side by side drug deaths 65 an hour tobacco deaths 50 an hour gun deaths 1.5 an hour. Knives kill 5 times more people than guns 180 people per day last year according to a Googol header that is 7.5 an hour.
Driving a car is a privilege American gun rights is a right so the moment you feel unsafe you do not have to wait for a police man. Statistically if your aggressor wants to do you harm  he or she will be long gone before the police arrive. The Supreme Court noted in a number of cases that the police have no obligation to post guards if you feel unsafe. Why! There are not enough police in the world to protect everyone. More important after national disarmament in Russia and later in Germany the general public could not defend themselves against their own governments. Hitler would kill 8,000,000 German non-Jews to protect his position. But the tirade of the monsters Hitler, Mussolini, and Japans Generals would cost a life every 3 seconds during every day of WWII. Show me one example where disarmament lead to greater freedom, liberty and safety. The NRA points out that from police statistics over 2,000,000 crimes are stopped each year by the mere presentation of a firearm without firing a shot. That means that without guns there would have been that number additional crimes for the police to deal with. But more important 2,000,000 additional victims or rape, murder, robbery, etc. The fear of gun owners is that after national disarmament there will be an all powerful political organization arise that will use force, ambition, and murder to achieve their goals. This was why our  founders set up a government where the people would have ultimate control and that safety net is the second amendment.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ammo Sales and Shortage Solutions

The USA is in an ammo crises and the need to supply your gun with ammo when its sale and supply has been in jeopardy by calculating men in Washington D.C. may be critical for the future. Our political leaders are repeating what was done in Russia and Germany before their move to socialism. If this is the case why not own your own gun and ammo supply system. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 553 pages of the most extensive gun and ammo book you have ever seen. The book includes propellant formulas even smokeless and primer formulas; how to make gun parts from salvaged metal and harden them, or how to make guns from scratch. Powerful and economical information using what is around you in an emergency.     

Friday, January 15, 2016

Brake Drum Wont go on

Strange entry for a gun blog but I came across something in fixing my Nissan Frontier doing the rear brakes when the brake drums would not go back on that could be helpful in doing drum brakes.

Reasons why the brake drum will not go on from your assembly.

1) The parking brake must be fully let off. After pulling the release lever make sure it is pushed in completely if it is a handle type. If it is a foot lever type pull the release and hold it in release without letting go and reach down and grab the peddle and make sure it fully retracted.
2) As the rear brakes ware it is possible that the cable adjustment was tightened to give the emergency brake a solid feel. On a foot lever and dash board pull handle type this is generally under the vehicle. Two wrenches are needed to loosen the cable adjuster and unscrew it until the cables are sloppy. On a between the seat pull lever type remove the cover and unscrew the adjuster cable a good bit. After the brake drums are on readjust the emergency brake.
3) Sometimes the brake cylinder expands a bit and after the brakes are assembled, they must be pushed in a little. Put a hand on each side of the brake shoes and push in firmly. Also make sure that the brake shoes are aligned and one is not higher while the other is lower. This is fixed by taping them a little up or down with a rubber  hammer and trying the brake drum  
4) The brake self-adjuster shaft is a shaft with a screw and a notch at each end of the shaft. As the brakes ware the self-adjuster turns and is longer to make up for the ware of the shoes so it should be cleaned before reassembly and lightly greased and screwed all the way together before putting on the brakes. If you forgot to do this you can push or pull back the lever that does the adjusting and use a screw driver and screw it all the way in. The threads are backwards on one side of the car so you will have to turn it the other way to do the same thing. These parts cannot be swapped from one side of the car to the other.
5) You could have put the parts together wrong check carefully. I am old school so I only do one side at a time If something does not look right or work right I go to the other side of the car and look to see if my parts were assembled right. If you have a cell phone take good pictures before you start taking things apart.
6) Brake drum barely fits on both sides. First the lip needs to be taken off where the old metal is left from normal ware. This would be best to have the brake drums turned. Though not for everyone I am good with my hands and have removed the lip with a hand grinder on drums and rotors. But a hand grinder is not a machine tool and you can make a real mess of things. Wiggle the drum and line up the holes with the lug-nut studs but do not force it all the way on as it could be the dickens to try to get off.  With both sides on about half way pump the brakes to see if things line up better and the drum should go on by hand do not bang it on. If you have already banged it on before you read this. Call your local auto parts store and see if they have a brake drum puller as a loaner tool.    
Reasons why the drum will not go back on that is not your fault!

1) Wrong part compare the old parts with what is in the box before you start. They should look alike in every detail except the brake lining is thicker.
2) Wrong part in the right box. This can happen in the factory and can make you crazy. A new worker can in some cases not assemble parts right. Solution take the part back and get a refund and go to a different auto parts store as the shelf could be full of the same part with the same mistake. ( I had that happen once with “3” different fuel pumps.)
4) Borderline factory parts change in manufacture of your vehicle where the factory changed the part on the same year and make; or there are more than one choice of parts for the same year of car or truck.

I hope this helped.

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your gun parts, bullets and supplies at home, salvage or do without. There is a gun and ammo supply system  available in a book AmericanHandbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom”. This is a Book on home gun construction and repair, powder, primers; and a brief history of how the USA has moved toward socialism and their written plans to overthrow our freedom and some solutions to save the Constitution.