Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Son of a Gun

Son of a gun- One of the freak accidents of the Civil War occurred at the battle of Raymond in Mississippi , May 12, 1863 at about 3:00 in the afternoon. A family was on the porch of their home waiting for a lull in the fight so they could offer aid when a Minnie ball passed through a solders left testicle and hit the oldest daughter who was on the porch. After attending to the soldier Dr Legrand G. Capers rushed to attend to the young woman some 300 yards from the fight. The good doctor returned to check on the young girl a number of times  and found she was pregnant and examined her and found her virtue intact. The Doctor introduced her to the soldier and they were eventually married and produced two more children the conventional way. The first child had a lump in him and the doctor decided to operate what he found was the Minnie ball which had been seamlessly enclosed around by the child as he developed. First published in 1874 in a Louisville medical journal “American Medical Weekly”  Doctor Legrand G. Capers

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