Thursday, November 17, 2016

Women children and guns

Women children and guns- - The guys should read it too! Before moving forward with reloading it would be well to inform all on some choices of guns that would make a lot of sense. In choosing a gun for the house revolvers are the most reliable but with children around a revolver is too much like a cap gun. They have no safety and are ready at a moment’s notice. To insure the safety of our children when they were small a revolver was out of the question and we settled on a semi-auto. The semi-auto had two pusses one was it had a safety and two if we did not store it with one in the chamber it would need to be cycled to load it which is near impossible for a  small child. This required practice so my wife could pick up the gun cycle it and knock off the safety. Having been a concealed carry instructor an important consideration in buying guns would be to have the safety working the same way. Up safety, or down safety, it is a known fact that women at home when there was an intruder sometimes could not get to their own gun and the police would find them dead with the skin scuffed off of their thumb as they tried to knock off the safety that worked opposite of their gun. So you guys you may have an assortment of guns in your collection do not get rid of them but for your home defense guns you leave as accessible should work in the same way as your wife’s gun. In teaching children about guns the rule at our house was you can see a gun any time you wish as long as you ask and we help them. They can go shooting when they wish as long as they give a little notice so we could plan for it. Any time a gun was out to be cleaned I would ask do you want to see it. Soon the response was that is boring. We filled water containers old soda bottles and shot shaving cream cans so we could explain that getting shot was not like the movies the person would not be in another show next week they would be gone, dead, and buried. Child locks have their place and that is where there is an unusual child who never follows instructions, rebels at every bit of counsel and does what he or she wants in spite of what they are told. In that case a child lock may be your only hope. 


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