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American Handbook on Guns Ammo & Freedom Content pages

Contents Pages from my Book Quick Reference
 By Richard W. Norman
This Is the front contents section  from my book so you can know what is in it.

Contents Quick Reference

The socialist onslaught against freedoms:                           i
To the Reader on How to Use This Book                           ii

Dedication                                                                           1
***War Time Scavenging Quick Reference Shopping List***                                         1
War Model, Getting a War Started:                                     2

*** SECTION 1: We shall not fear                                      3
A Military Chaplin’s Utterance                                            4
PM Marxist definitions of importance                                  9
Communist goals to over throw the USA from within         16
Fourteen Sign Posts to Slavery                                             18
Three Steps to Socialism                                                       23
We Are Not Alone in the Disarmament Plan                        25
Compromising Freedom State Department Document 7277                                             26
UN United Nations: Plans to Disarm and Take Over the World                                       28
High Treason a New Continental Congress                          29
Creating Hitler’s Germany:                                                   30
Russian attempt to overthrow England                                  34
German infiltration into England                                           35
The last 3 Russian Tsar’s                                                       36
The Plan to Destroy America and Other Governments         38
Fabians                                                                                  39
Illuminati puffs of smoke, shadows, and specters                 39
Masons                                                                                  39
Pointing a finger at the real players of world government    40
The Players in the plot to overthrow the USA                       40
The big lie in Power Consolidation                                       41
The Plan to Spread Communism, Moving Forward              42
Espionage                                                                               43
Nazi Movement in America                                                   43
Pre-WWII Japan’s infiltration                                                45
Japanese espionage program                                                  47
***Indoctrination and Programming of Children***            48
The flip flop                                                                           49
3rd Internationals                                                                   49
Communist Union Bosses                                                      50
The Hatch Act of 1939                                                           51
Let’s Help every Socialist Takeover                                      51
The Cold War, Joseph McCarthy Era 1950’s to the 1960’s                                                  52
Movies, Morals, History                                                         53
Death of our nation: using a rubber chicken                           55
Side steps                                                                                56
Smears in the press                                                                  56
Bill Ayers                                                                                57
People involved                                                                       57
29th Internationals 2010:                                                         58
Putting all the pieces together                                                  58
“Philip Dru: Administrator”                                                     61
The main goal of the Council of Foreign Relations                 62
Recent past presidents                                                              64
In firm defense of President Reagan--                                     65
COG and CONCON 1                                                             66
Checks and balances                                                                66
FEMA                                                                                       67
Homeland Security                                                                   67
Destroying the military                                                            67
Capsulizing current problems                                                  67
National unrest                                                                         68

*** SECTION 2: A Move to Take Our Country:                    68
The Greatest Crime is Genocide                                              70
News Control for Socialization of the USA                             71
Press Propaganda News Controlled                                          73
Pack the Leadership Positions:                                                 74
Press Smoke screen:                                                                  74
Control the Economy through Business, with Laws to Control you                                    74
Controlling the Money, Federal Reserve Bank:                        76
How banking worked in America before we were FED-up       78
Global Warming and business decline                                        80
Republic:                                                                                      84
Making Unjust Laws:                                                                  84
Lawful Plunder                                                                            85
Lawful use of eminent domain                                                    85
Examples of Lawful Plunder:                                                      85
Morality and absolutes                                                                 88
Morality and the Boy Scouts of America                                     89
The People Disposal List                                                              90
NSI--National Security Institute actually National Spy Institute                                        91
Religion or Morality, destruction of                                             91
No Absolutes                                                                                 92
Ancient evaluations, the well spring of liberty:                             93
Opposition to changing their absolutes                                          94
*Articles of Morality and Faith of the Nation*                              95
Food, money and supplies                                                              98
Pervert the Law of the Republic to Destroy the Middle Class                                             98

***SECTION  3: Don’t be a Hot Head*                                        99
The Fall of Nations Recently                                                          100
Socialist Washington’s Response--                                                 103
The Magna Carta                                                                             105
*** Articles of National Defense- American Handbook-***                                                          107
Authors of the Bill of Rights the 10 Amendments Statements on Arms and Freedom         118
**Supporting External US Interests**                                            119
Review of what the communists have said                                      122
***Articles of Law a Restoration ***                                              123
In God We Trust -The Reason We have Been Preserved as a Nation                                129
George Washington’s Vision of the future of America                    133
*Understanding who we are on the bases of eternal laws*               136
World War III:                                                                                   138

***SECTION 4: Resistance in a Socialist Takeover; What they will use! *                         139
Kill you with your car                                                                . 140
How to Disable Some Tracking Chips                                         144
Felon Contrived                                                                          144
Invasion Road Building                                                              145
Keepers                                                                                      147
Population conditioning                                                              148
Destroying Business not just by banking the Downward Spiral                                         149
The Removal of City and State’s Rights                                     150
The Removal of Our Rights as a Nation                                      152
The removal of the police forces                                                  153
Genetically Engineered Food                                                      153
The Use of Food as a Weapon coupled with over pricing food                                             153
Dealing with the starving                                                            154
Dehydration Caused by Dysentery                                             154
Public Protest                                                                              155
Torture                                                                                                   155
The list; neighborhood snitches                                                   157
Child Propaganda and conditioning                                            159
Criminal Police Force                                                                  159
Felon! Felon Escaped in Your Home:                                         159
Wards of the State                                                                      160
ALL FATHERS’ PRAYERS                                                      161
The Next Gun Ban Submitted                                                     162
An Army of Two: You and God                                                  164
There are three types of resistance that can be issued                 164

*** SECTION 5: Cold Dead Hand                                             166
Fight smart:                                                                                  166
Window of Resistance                                                                  167
Filling the Vacuum                                                                      168
Sanctity of Life and Justification for engagement in battle          169
***Legal Grounds for Organizing the Militia***                         169
Militia and Para-military Organizations Currently in Existence                                      169
*German Occupation of France during WWII would be the Likely Future Outcome Planned American Model:*                                                                   171
French Underground Mistakes Cause a Tremendous Loss of Life                                180
If it should Ever Come:                                                                 181
Anti-Personnel Mine: Brief History                                               181
The Goal is to Attack the Smallest Unit of Society the Home.    183
Usable booby traps to protect a stash or for home defenses          183
Stash weapons                                                                                          184
Homemade Claymore Mines                                                        184
Two Other Simple Mine Switches                                                185
**Armor Materials (Bullet Stoppers) For Resistance Indigenous Materials**                   190
Geneva Convention                                                                      191

*** SECTION 6: Anti-Disarmament*                                          192
Techniques of the use of Primitive Weaponry against a Bullet Proof Vest                        192
A Knife on a stick                                                                          192
Knifes Homemade From a File Will Hold a Better Cutting Edge                                     192
***Bringing a Knife to a gun fight***                                          193
***Using the Bowie Knife*** T                                                    194
Two men fighting with knives                                                        196
Bayonet lug                                                                                    198
Bayonet lunge                                                                                198
Bows and Arrows                                                                          198

      *** SECTION 7: Leadership Organization PVC Pipe Weapons***                            200
Destruction of good militarily leaders                                            200
Racism: A Weapon For or Against Us                                           200
Quick Response Weapons Salvaging Pipe for a Potato Gun         201
Potato Gun Projectiles                                                                                202
Potato Gun Napalm Gas Weapon                                                    203
Gun Hide a Gun                                                                             204
Hide a Gun in PVC Pipe Burial Tube: See Gun Hide a Gun first--204
Hide a Gun Outside                                                                        204

        *** SECTION 8: Salvaging Old Guns and Repairs***         205
Gun Repair                                                                                      205
Guns, Having Good Ones                                                               205
Salvaging an old Gun                                                                     206
Hoppe’s Nitro Solvent No. 9 Homemade Bore Cleaner:                 207
Substitute Gun Oil and Possible Cleaning Solvents                        207
Hot and cold gun oiling                                                                  208
Salvaging Guns:                                                                             209
Welding:                                                                                        209
Shrinkage of Metal for Casting Parts:                                             209
Files from junk boxes, pawn shops, swap meets, and garage sales $1                                  210
Files to Work Metal in Gun Construction or Repair:                       210
Example of Hand File Work                                                           212
Making Simple Gun Parts, Hardening Steel, and Shaping Metal: 212
Pearlite and Martensite How Steel Hardens:                                   212
Hardening soft low carbon steel                                                      212
Expanded Explanation of Metal Hardening                                    213
Spark Test Drawings and Explanations Finding Better Metal       213
Stopping Air Scaling on High Carbon Steel:                                   214
Air Scaling on Soft Steel                                                                215
Stress releasing the metal after hardening                                       215
KASENIT or a product called Cherry Red                                     216
Parts Fit Low carbon steel                                                              216
Tough Part:                                                                                    216
Burnt Metal:                                                                                   216
Large and Small Parts Hardening                                                   216
Charcoal:                                                                                        217
High Carbon Sources:                                                                    217
High heat colors on steel and a magnet:                                         217
Oil Quenching and low heat colors on steel:                                  217
Hardening and Softening Temperatures                                         218
Hardening a Part                                                                            218
Using your lead casting pot in the metal stress relief process       219
Flat and round firing pin source:                                                    219
Firing Pin destruction and why                                                      219
A Final Review on Firing Pins                                                        220
Laser and Work Hardening High Carbon Steel                               220
Heating small High carbon steel Parts:                                            220
Spring salvage for gun construction and repair                               220
Coiling a spring                                                                               221
Flat Springs from Rail Road (RXR) Banding Straps                       221
Weed Burner Metal Hardening                                                        221
***STEN SMG Making Mainspring & Clip Spring***                    221

*** Section 9: Desperate Soldier’s Supply System***                     222
De-milled; disabled Fire arms:                                                          223
Militia Munitions Brass:                                                                    224
One shot one kill                                                                              224
Work Hardening Brass and Aluminum:                                            224
*Sighting in a gun Fixed sights to Sighting in a Scope etc. *                       225
Taps: to Thread Holes For Scopes and Gun Repair                           228
*AK47 Receiver Making Jig*                                                          228
Gun Application in a fire fight                                                         230

*** SECTION 10: Machine Guns, Handmade***                           230
STEN Suppressor 9MM cross Section Type 1                                   231
Military Silencer Bullet                                                                      231
Low Signature Canister, Homemade Silencer                                    233
Helpful Silencer Notes:                                                                      234
Quick Terms to Know in Gun Construction; use Pistol Cartridges Only!                             234
Gun Barrel Making                                                                            235
Drill Press 9MM SMG Gun Barrel (8 inch long)                                 236
Making Button Rifling the Twist Grooves in a Gun Barrel:               237
Chambering the STEN:                                                                       240
STEN Construction Manual                                                              240
A Machine Gun War Time Resistance Factory                                   241
Correlation of parts                                                                             241
STEN Receiver Blueprints MARK II, MARK III, and MARK V     242
Receiver template                                                                               243
Making a STEN receiver template                                                       244
Stock Making, Magazine Bracket and Harvesting Flat Metals            245
Locking Parts, Pistol Grip and Stock                                                  246
Recoil Locking Cap                                                                            246
Instructions on making a STEN or anything else                                 249
Different methods to work metal                                                        249
STEN Bolt Construction                                                                     250
Making the shell case pocket and firing pin dimple                             251
Making the STEN Ejector Claw Slot:                                                             251
Thinning the Center of the Bar                                                            252
Cocking Handle Hole Location:                                                          253
Flattening the Side of the Bolt:                                                           253
THE CLIP SIDE                                                                                255
THE STEN FUNCTION OF PARTS                                                 255
German MP40 trigger Assembly Adapted to a STEN                         256
STEN Shop Project I Handmade STEN Bolt                                                 257
Hacksaw blade made for a jigsaw                                                       259
Figure “X” STEN Construction flaws                                                 262
Figure X Continued: The Get You Killed SMG Plans                         264
STEN Clip Magazine Housing Salvage                                               265
Salvage a STEN parts kit                                                                    266
Using the STEN                                                                                  268
STEN: For Information Only:                                                                        270
Some Regulations: B.A.T.F: Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms:                               271
A Real STEN Would Be First Choice                                                 272
The Amero SMG                                                                                272
Theoretical Gun Construction and Substitute Parts                            272
Bungee Cord Recoil Device                                                               273

***SECTION 11: Metal Brake a Personal Clip Factory***               274
STEN Receiver Tube from Scratch                                                    280
STEN Receiver Tube or Vent Pipe Ventilation                                   280
Massive Fire Machine Gun Construction: The Vulcan                         284
High School and College R.O.T.C. De-milled Rifles:                          285
Slugging a Gun Barrel:                                                                        285
Crowning a gun Barrel                                                                         286
Re-Crown a Barrel:                                                                              286

***SECTION 12: Different Guns and Clip information: Clip Spring Failure, Moon Clips: 287
Your 9MM pistol and a 30 round clip makes a formidable street gun: also buy extra clips for your UZIE; MAC 10; TEC9 etc                                                           287
SKS vs. AK or MAC 90 Clips:                                                            287
AR15 Clips, Speed Loaders etc:                                                          288
Drop a Clip:                                                                                         288
Moon clips or half moon clips or full moon clips for revolvers             288

***SECTION 13: A Few Collectables Could Provide Millions of Usable Guns*                288
Rifle 7.7 JAP. Long Gun to 30/06:                                                       288
7.7Jap Cartridge Conversion From 30/06 Brass                                    289
6.5 Jap Cartridge Conversion From .270 Win.                                      289
1903 Springfield:        289
Russian and Chinese import guns:                                                         289
Loading Equipment for the7.62X54 and 7.62X39 Import Guns: A Must:                            289
Other Guns of Note                                                                              290
The 303 Brit rifle has some of the same characteristics and problems as the Ishapore          290
The 308 Ishapore                                                                                  290
Pop up bolt handle and other problems                                                 290
The KRAG rifle                                                                                    291
The M1 Carbine                                                                                    291
The M1 Garand                                                                                     291
The standardization of primers for shell casings                                    292
National Ammo Standard                                                                     292
Ammo Water Test                                                                                 293
Steel Cases Water Test                                                                         294
Water and Oil Resistant Shell Cases                                                    294
Round Balls on Pistol Cases for Revolvers                                           294
Rifle Shell Case Adaptors Chamber Inserts                                          294
How Much Ammo to Carry                                                                  294

*** SECTION14: ***Army Research Pipe Guns and Hand Reloading Information ***    295
9mm Pipe Pistol                                                                                    296
12 Gauge Shotgun, Pipe Gun                                                               298
Shot Shell Dispersion Control                                                              300
7.62 Carbine Pipe Gun                                                                          301
Substitute Kid Caps for Primers                                                            303
***Shell Casings Reloaded Without Loading Equipment***               304
This is not as hard as it may look and the real solution is to use the empty shell casing in the gun it was fired in. The shell will re-feed and chamber a number of times with no problems even the non-reloadable steel cases will work.                                                               304
Match Head Powder:                                                                            304
Primer Loading the Non Re-loadable Shell Casing                               304
.45 Caliber Pipe Pistol and Match Gun                                                 308
Rifle Cartridge Hand gun and Match Gun                                            310
Drawings 38 Caliber Pipe Pistol above and .22 Caliber Pipe Pistol       314
22Cal. Pipe Pistol From Car Parts                                                         314
Gun Test Tube for Stopping Test Ammo At Home                              316
Match Gun Notes:                                                                                316
Note # 1                                                                                                316
In using matches                                                                                   316
Kid cap application                                                                               317
Note #2: Match Head Primers For Shell Cases                                     317
Note #3: All Of The Above Weapons                                                               317

*** SECTION 15: Arms Primers and Powder Matching and Making***    317
Powder Making Gearing up Production                                                317
Nitric Acid Smokeless Powder or Metal Hardening                             317
“Gun Cotton                                                                                         319
Nitric Acid Gun cotton rifle smokeless powder:                                    319
Ether or Diethyl Ether: CH3 CH2-O- CH2 CH3                                   320
Ether Salvage of:                                                                                   320
Distilling alcohol and other modifying agents on powder:                     320
Cotton Salvage:                                                                                     320
Free information on Propellants, Explosives and possible primer compounds                       320
**TEN Non soluble or insoluble Nitrocellulose Smokeless Propellants Pistol-Shotgun        321
Powder Burning Speed                                                                          322
Saw Dust Propellant                                                                              323
Stretching Powder Resources Grains                                                     323
Propellants Buying for Your Own Loading                                           324
Powder Desperation Loads                                                                   324
It is far better to have a gun that was factory made                               325
Primers and Primer Compounds for Information Only                          326
Berdan Primed                                                                                      326
Boxer Primed, Reloading:                                                                    326
Anvil:                                                                                                   326
Coconut Shell Primer                                                                            326
PRIMERS                                                                                             327
Berdan brass shell case adapter for normal primers                                328
Alternatives to Primers                                                                          328
Possible Primer Material                                                                        328
Silver fuel primer:                                                                                  328
Making match head compound                                                              328
Phosphorus Sources                                                                                330
Simple Deadly Solution For Primers                                                       330
Kid Caps as a Primer Substitute                                                              331
Short Primer Material formulas                                                                331
Primer Material, the World’s Worst                                                         332
Mercuric Primer Death or Injury                                                              332

*** SECTION 16: Black Powder Propellants, and Explosives Homemade***        332
Military Grenade Launcher 37MM                                                           332
Flower bomb                                                                                            333
Ammonpulver Explosive Propellant                                                         333
Potassium Nitrate Extraction and Available Sources                                334
Powder, Black, Red and White for Information Only                               337
Four Simple Fuses                                                                                     340
Red or white powder propellant a note on red rust                                   340
Black powder size                                                                                     342
Black Powder Charges for guns:                                                               342
***Black Powder Charges for Rim Fire Cartridges from U.S. Ammunitions Sales Brochure 1912***                                                                                                 343
***Black Powder Charges for Center Fire Pistol and Rifle Cartridges,   343
***Black Powder Charges for Center Fire Military and Sporting Cartridges           343
COCOA Powder:                                                                                     344
Black Powder Is A Sure Propellant:                                                          344
Washing shell casings When Using Black Powder                                     344
Smooth bore method of loading:                                                               344
Black Powder, guns Flint Lock: second method of loading                      345
Black Powder Six Shooters                                                                       345
Black powder single shot rifles:                                                                 345
Paper Patch Black Power Muzzleloader Guns and Shell Casings               346
Arab Sloped Barrel Muzzle Loading and Other Smooth Bore Guns          346
Helpful hints on loading most any muzzle loaders                                     346
Snapping caps                                                                                           346
Half Cock                                                                                                 346
Black Powder Compression Explosion:                                                     346
Ramrod pressure                                                                                       347
Patch Thickness                                                                                        347
Patch lubricant muzzleloader rifles and single shot pistols                         347
To water proof any muzzle loader:                                                            347
Powder, Black Gun cleaning, if used in newer guns                                  347
Cleaning and tools                                                                                     348
Theoretical Powders: testing is essential                                                     348
Making a propellant:                                                                                  349
Bomb or propellant?                                                                                  349  
Making Better Black Powder                                                                    349
Helpful powder information                                                                      349
Powder Black Powder Cartridge Milk Carton Wad Maker Cutters:          350
Powder Dippers:                                                                                          350
Powder Dram Equivalent for shot shell loads, Black Powder:                   350
Powder and primers Oil Contamination:                                                     351
Powder Loading Data Free                                                                         351
Buying a Powder Scales                                                                              351
Powders and Measurements Grains to Grams: Some Common Bullet Weights        352
Grains to Grams Adapting a Grams Scale for a Powder Scale                   352
A Powder Scale that is Simple to Make                                                      355
Rating Bullet Ballistic Characteristics:                                                        356
PRI= Power Rating Index                                                                           356
Hydraulics being shot and bullet damage:                                                   357
Flash Suppression with Gun Powder                                                           358
Powder Taggants                                                                                         358
Powder Thrower:                                                                                         358
Powder Trickler:                                                                                          358
Powder dippers                                                                                            359
Powder Thermite Grenade, use of                                                               359
Iron Oxide Production                                                                                 360
Thermite grenade Iron Oxide mixed with aluminum powder                     360
Anti Tank Ammo Propellant and Using Captured Equipment:                   362
Fireworks Powder in Ammo Production                                                     362

*** SECTION 17: Making bullets: ***                                                      362
Bullet mold                                                                                                  362
Berdan primed shell casings                                                                        362
Case trimming                                                                                              363
Chronograph                                                                                                363
Chucking                                                                                                      363
Drill chuck                                                                                                   363
Dial Caliper                                                                                                  363
Kid glue                                                                                                       363
Micrometer                                                                                                   363
Round nose bullet                                                                                        363
Pointed bullet                                                                                               363
Paper patching                                                                                             363
Sabot                                                                                                            363
Swaging                                                                                                       363
Semi wad cutter                                                                                           363
Slugging a gun barrel                                                                                   363
Universal receiver                                                                                        364
Wad Cutter Bullet                                                                                       364
Shell Case Conversion                                                                                 364
Helping to Fill the Gap Left by Gunsmithing and Smiths                          364
Making Shell Cases for Almost Any Gun                                                   364
Sulfur Casting a Gun Chamber to Find shell Case Size.                             365
Fire Forming Shell Casings                                                                          365
***Simple Shell Case Alternatives***                                                        366
Annealing Shell Cases                                                                                 366
Heating Brass Neck in a Direct Flame                                                         367
Shrinking a Case Neck                                                                                 367
Brass polishing and cleaning                                                                        367
Brass polishing products                                                                              368
Cleaning Dark Tarnished Brass:                                                                  368
Processing and Loading Resistance Ammo                                                 368
Military Brass                                                                                               369
A Shell Case Trimming Alternative for 223 - 5.56                                      370

*** SECTION 18: Choosing a Rifle: Semi Auto vs. Bolt Action              374
A Rifle that is cocked by Functioning a Bolt                                              374
Semi Auto Firearms:                                                                                    374
Full Auto:                                                                                                     374
Full Auto Imitation:                                                                                     375
Picking a Hand Gun Alloy in Guns and Polymers and Function:               375
By products from gun production:                                                              376
***Trade two fingers for my life: primer misfire in a semi auto or revolver  377
Anti-Disarmament Techniques and Procedures of Bullet Making              378
22 LR Reloading the Shell Casing:                                                             378
AR 223 or 5.56 NATO Problems                                                                380
308 Civilian ammo problem                                                                         381
Shell Case Problems 7.62X39 and other import ammo causing gun jams   381
Bonded Bullets                                                                                            382
If You Have A 223 Rifle You Need To Know About Swaging                383
Double Tapping: Controlled Seconds and Other Stuff                               384
Creating lead wire that is used for swaged bullets                                      385
Theoretical lead wire press—                                                                       385
War production                                                                                            386
Wax Lube Set Gas Checks                                                                          386
Shot Gun Slugs                                                                                            386
45 Long Colt ammo in a 410 shot gun:                                                       387
Experimental Lathe Wire Slugs and Bullets:                                               387

*** SECTION 19: Paper Patching and Sabots for Metallic Cartridges      389
Steel Bullets Warning For What Follows:                                                   390
Leaded Steel bullet                                                                                      392
Steel Core Bullets                                                                                        392
Friction Stir Welding or Kid Glue to Protect the Chamber on Feeding      393
Sabot                                                                                                            393
Sabot and Barrel heat                                                                                  394
Unusable plastic                                                                                           394
Compressed Air (You can’t Breath it)                                                         394
Homemade Sabot Making:                                                                          394
Plastic Injection non-Metallic Slug                                                              395
Example II Experimental Electric Hand Drill Sabot Bullets                       396
Example III Experimental Hand Drill Wood Sabot Bullets                        396

*** SECTION 20: Bullet Molds Things to Know                                      397
Sprue                                                                                                            397
Sprue cutter                                                                                                  398
Bullet Mold Salvage                                                                                    398
Mold Making                                                                                               403
Wartime Bullet and Mold Making                                                               404
Drill Bit Mold Making with Mold Handles                                                 404
For Mold Handles                                                                                        404
For The Mold Handle Channel Slots                                                           404
For Mold Locking Lugs                                                                               405
For The Mold Cavity                                                                                   405
For THE SPRUE CUTTER                                                                         405
For THE SPRUE CUTTER STOP PIN                                                      405
To SECURE THE MOLD HANDLES                                                      406
Emergency Casting, Not standard Procedure                                             406
Casting With a Pouring Ladle and a Heat Source                                       406
***War Brake Rotor Mold***                                                                    406
Wartime Mold and Bullet Making Continued a Mold with Grease Grooves            407
Machine Tools for Making a Bullet Mold                                                   407
It Might be Possible to Make a Better Mold                                               409

*** SECTION 21: Reloading With Good Equipment                                412
Using Loading Equipment and Use of Supplies                                         412
Reloading Equipment a Buyer’s Guide and Users Guide                           415
Reloading: Presses and Equipment                                                              415
Resizing Die Full Length                                                                             416
Spare parts for your loading press                                                               416
Resizing Lube                                                                                              416
Resizing Lube Alternatives                                                                          417
LEE Load Master                                                                                        417
LEE Three Hole Press and LEE Classic                                                      417
Cast Iron Loading Press:                                                                             418

***SECTION 22 Webbing-Holsters,Gun Straps,Packs, etc.                      419
Webbing Brass Catcher for a Revolver                                                       419
Webbing Canteen Holder and Much More                                                 420

*** SECTION 23: War Time Bullet Casting***                                        420
Automatic Bullet Casting Machine; Magma Engineering Co                     420
Gas Warnings                                                                                               421
Arsenic Gas                                                                                                  421
Glue Gas                                                                                                      421
Teflon Gas                                                                                                   421
Poison Galvanized Pipe Gas from Zink Coating                                         421
Ways to Use Galvanized Pipe                                                                     421
Plastic and Rubber Gas                                                                                422
Lead Fumes                                                                                                 422
Trouble and Bullet Casting                                                                          422
Lead Smeared Barrel                                                                                   422
Hobby Equipment Put To Better Use                                                          423
Bullet Casting, Going Way beyond Your Wildest Dreams                         423
Product Replacement                                                                                   423
Heat Treating Hard Lead Shot and Bullets (The Recipe)                           425
Quenching to Harden Bullets while casting?                                              425
How to Harden and use Bullets Made from Lead Wheel Weights             425
Hardening Lead by Adding Alloy                                                              425
Linotype For Information Only For the Fool Hardy                                   426
Hardening Using Antimony                                                                        426
Pewter in lead turns it into slush! Fragmentation Projectile for Shot Guns   427
Nonstop Bullet Casting Taking the Bugs Out of Casting                           428
Reasons for a Barrel that Leads                                                                   428
Bullet Casting General Process:                                                                   429
Kitty litter does several things                                                                     430
Boric Acid as an Air Barrier                                                                        431
Battery Parts and Kitty Litter                                                                      431
Nonstop Single Bullet Mold Casting                                                           432
Nonstop Multiple Mold Bullet Casting                                                       434
General Process of Continuous Bullet Casting                                            434
Word of Advice on using homemade bullets:                                             436
Working with Gloves:                                                                                  436
Bare Knuckle Burn Your Fingers “Ouch” Casting                                      437
Choosing Molds: Steel vs. Aluminum                                                         438
Bullet Casting Molds and Bullet Casting                                                    438
Speed of casting with six molds:                                                                 438
Mold Casting Pass                                                                                       439
Warming, Molds, Ingots, and the Drop                                                       440
The Drop                                                                                                      440
Holding a Mold and Hitting Stick                                                               441
Lead Glob Screw Driver Punch                                                                   441
Sprue Cutter Hole Chip                                                                               441
SAECO Lead Smelter                                                                                 442
The Casting Table                                                                                        442
Never lift lead use a two wheeled cart                                                        443
***Scavenging lead for Shooting***                                                          444
Casting Supplies & Tools List                                                                     445
Oiling Aluminum Mold Wax or Graphite                                                    446
Photos of Where to Apply the Wax                                                            448
Aluminum Molds & the Propane Torch: If you Goof                                 449
Steel Molds and Bullet Casting                                                                   450
Counting bullets with a Scale                                                                      450

*** SECTION 24: Militia Bullet Casting Mega Ingot Warming                451
To Supply an Army                                                                                      452
Melting Pot:                                                                                                 454
Making a Down-Spout Pot                                                                          455
Smelting and Cleaning Lead                                                                       455
Most Efficient Way to Melt Wheel Weights                                               456
Heat Setting For Melting Wheel Weights                                                   456
MAGMA Products Are the Safest Way; Electrical Wiring                        457
Plumbing Pot for Those Who Need More and Repair Solutions                 458
Repair of plumbers’ pot                                                                               458
A bit of plumbing history, so you can use the scrap lead.                           458

*** SECTION 25: SMELTING Problems and Solutions                           458
Fuel Consumption:                                                                                       459
*The Rocket Stove for Cooking and Heating Lead:                                   459
Modern lead scavenging                                                                              459
The Obama slug Theoretical R&DN:                                                           460
Clinton rubber bullet theoretical anti-personnel R&DN                              460
Bush shot Theoretical R&D needed:                                                           460
Dirt, Dross, Drippers and Lead                                                                   461
The Smelter Homemade                                                                              462
Using a Turkey Roster: War Time Cooking Ammo                                     462
Smelting Safety                                                                                           464
Procedures to quick train workers in casting and making Ammo               467
Extra heat sources and unplugging a pot                                                     472
Review                                                                                                         473
Mold Handles good advice                                                                         476
Bullet Lube make your own for sizing cast bullets:                                     477
War Lead Bullet Lube                                                                                 478
Alternatives for Shotguns, Hulls, Etc.                                                         479
Shotgun and Barrel Length                                                                         481
Shot Shell Loader                                                                                        481
Shot Shell Wads (Fiber)                                                                               481
Powder                                                                                                         482
Variables in neighborhood defense                                                             482
Possible Alternatives to Lead for a Shotgun                                               483
Short Range Defensive Loads for Shotguns;                                              483

*** SECTION 26: Shot, Slicker Than Snot                                                486
Lead Shot Making                                                                                       486
Every shot shell could supply enough powder and lead to make three rifle bullets.  486
The main question to a shooting hobbyist:                                                  486
Lead Supply                                                                                                 487
Credits on shot making                                                                                487
Shot machine                                                                                               487
In choosing a machine                                                                                 488
Coolant tanks                                                                                               488
Smelting the wheel weights                                                                         488
How to Clean the Drippers                                                                          489
There are several coolants that can be used                                                 490
Coolant System                                                                                            491
Removing the coolant                                                                                  492
Drying System Making a Shot Drying Screen                                             492
Shot Drying the Simple Way                                                                       495
Bad Shot Causes and Remedies                                                                  495
Illusion of a plugged dripper:                                                                      496
Cleaning Drippers on Your Shot Machine                                                   496
Drippers Continual Function  and Cold Weather Shot Making                  496
Never Stack Ingots in the Ladle                                                                  497
Sandpaper the soapstone                                                                             498
The distance of the lip from the coolant                                                      499
Melting Stand Was Built So It Could Be Leveled                                      500
Lead Shot Problems                                                                                     501
A Few Notes on Shot Drying                                                                      502
TYPICAL SHOT SPACING                                                                      503
Shot Shell Pellets Per ounce                                                                        504
Optimize: Self-defense Optimal Shot Pattern                                             504
Self Defense with Buckshot                                                                        505
Distance is the enemy of a shotgun                                                             505
World War I, buckshot loads                                                                       505
Notes on shortening a shotgun past its legal length                                     505

 * SECTION 27: Life Saving Information                                                  508

***SECTION 28: War Nuclear: Basic Shelter& Homemade Radiation Meter*       513
If you have a basement                                                                                514
Iron Dome and Star Wars                                                                            515
Homemade Fallout Meter Instructions from Junk around the House         515

  *** SECTION 29: Evacuation Quick Reference:                                     539
Fuel Alternatives for Transportation and Evacuation Gasoline and Other Gases and Coal for Heat in Production and Napalm                                                                                                         540
Fuel Things That Could be Nice to Know                                                   540
Blowtorches                                                                                                 540
Refinery tanker trucks                                                                                 541
Wood alcohol                                                                                               541
***Gasoline Olefin***                                                                                541
Jet fuels: JP-4, JP-8, and100                                                                        541
***Kerosene as a Jet Fuel***                                                                      542
***Diesel #1***                                                                                          542
***JP4Jet fuel in a diesel truck:                                                                  542
***Diesel additives:                                                                                    542
Used Motor Oil for Heating                                                                        543
Drip in Place of Gasoline: David Munk Calls it Condensation                   543
Wood Pit Fire Temperatures:                                                                       544
Wood Gas Generator to make Electricity                                                    544
Brake Drum Forge Coal or Wood:                                                              545
Coal:                                                                                                             545
Coke from coal                                                                                            545
Gas for motor vehicles from coal                                                                 545
Rocket stove for cookig                                                                             545
Candle Wax Sources of Fuel for Cooking and Some Heating                    545
Alcohol Emergency Heat and Cooking Source                                           545
Methane Gas                                                                                                546
Animal dung pit slurry                                                                                 546
Napalm Weapons, Homemade                                                                    546
Truck Drivers, Shipping, and Fuel:                                                              547
Convoy Emergency Fuel Trucks                                                                  547
Saving Fuel, Winding a Semi Truck:                                                           547
Declaration to the World                                                                             548

Closing Remarks and Parting Thoughts                                                      549