Monday, July 13, 2015

AR Muzzle Brake Installation vs a Flash Hider

 Flash hiders are illegal in the USA but a muzzle brake is made to stop- barrel lift on discharge this allows for quicker second shots. What it does is to hold the barrel down using the hot gases as they exit the barrel to help defeat barrel lift on discharge. Many years ago as a boy when buying some fishing supplies I wanted a particular lure which was quite impressive looking. My uncle said Richard that lure was meant to catch a fisherman and not a fish. Undaunted I took my allowance and bought it and my uncle was right it had caught a fisherman, “me” and though I had used it many times I never caught a fish with it. Muzzle brakes are probably about like that. Some cost a small fortune but outside of looking good I do not think they are worth the money spent on the pretty things and it looks like very little science was involved. An “OK” AR muzzle brake will expel the gas at the top and the sides and the bottom is solid and so the upward exiting gasses will push against the flat bottom holding the barrel down. Some of these come with a crush washer on eBay for about $10. If you need a phallic symbol (symbol of your manhood) that may do nothing other than look pretty spend $100. The pretty muzzle brakes will do no more than waste your money
 A crush washer will not un-crush so to keep from turning the muzzle brake to far do as described below and by eye line up the paper with the front sight so the paper makes an upside down "T". 
In a war a simplistic flash hider would be a piece of thin walled pipe that would go over the muzzle break The pipe would have a lot of holes drilled in it to let off  the gases and an exit hole large enough to let the bullet out with room to spare. This is very close to some military designs. 
Richard W.Norman

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