Thursday, July 23, 2015

BLM Shooting Restrictions Utah

The Utah BLM wants to restrict public lands from being used as shooting ranges beginning with 900 acers so I emailed the following letter.

BLM To whom it may concern
Target shooting on the open range is nether harmful or detrimental to the land. Gun bans and gun restrictions and mandatory gun registration were used in both Russia and Germany before they faced national disarmament. The UN said in open meetings at their Conference on Illicit Arms a few years ago that their biggest fear was the resistance we would offer with long guns in the USA when it was our turn for national disarmament. If you are a socialist it is obvious that you will chose to close the 900 acers permanently and spread this to the rest of Utah BLM lands. The window-dressing of public meetings, public opinion gathering, sham assemblies and the like has nothing to do with the second amendment. A famous quote from history “We now have total gun registration or streets will be safer our police more efficient and the world will follow us into the next century.” Adolph Hitler just before German national disarmament, after disarmament his next important quote “Anyone found with a firearm will be shot”.
If there was a move to take our country as was done in Russia and Germany the happy note is the fact that you have left those who were restricted from shooting with more ammo to use.
Thank you

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