Tuesday, December 6, 2016

US Disarmament

Long range goals for national disarmament go back decades. 308 ammo also called 7.62 X 51 was made a work horse in NATO military guns before the advent of 223 small arms ammo and it is still prevalent in machine gun ammo for the US. 308 Civilian ammo problem is that the chamber pressure is about 20,000 pounds hotter than the military 308. Loading this ammo needs to match the military standard. In a war feeding civilian ammo into these military guns will surely disable these guns in a short time. The day to day long term use of this very hot civilian ammo in civilian guns will surely eventually also lead to the failure of some of the older guns made out of poorer metal. Here again I do not think this was any type of accident. The US Government agency  SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute could have fixed this long ago. There are 34 military rifles that shoot 308 ammo and many people do not know what the end result will be from firing day in and day out this high powered civilian ammo. Parts will bend, receivers and bolts will fail. Feeding civilian ammo in a modern US machine gun in an emergency will eventually destroy the gun Who said they have not figured this out in advance.

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