Saturday, December 17, 2016

How Much Ammo to Carry in an Emergency

Historical note how much ammo to carry in an emergency - - In the battle for Okinawa WWII some US solders thought that the amount of ammo they carried was more important than there gear one historical note said 350 rounds of 30/06 equaled what would be missing in back pack weight. These solders figured that there would be lots of backpacks that could be scavenged from the dead for what they needed. Solders with a full pack with their gear many would carry 100 to 150 (30/06) bullets. In more modern times the 308 bullet and a full back pack depending on the man’s strength, was said to be 150 to 200 bullets; presently 223 or 5.56 bullets would allow for the carry of 250 to 300 bullets. The real trick to know how much ammo to carry is exclusively limited to a man’s strength and what will not limit his mobility.

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