Friday, January 27, 2017

Shoot-Around the Corner Gun

Shooting around corners - - one of the deadly disadvantages of street to street fighting is walking around a corner. This weapon was invented in Israel and allows one to shoot around a corner. My brother in ROTC in college told a story. They had a little exercise in simulate combat. Getting to a certain point he found one of his class mates setting down Robert asked why and he said I am dead. Robert not thinking looked over the obstacle and then set down and said I am dead too. In street to street fighting rounding each corner makes you a target. It is not High-Tec but works - a woman’s compact mirror on a paint stick. In WWII the army made little periscopes with two mirrors in them and from time to time you will see them at a gun show. Corner shot is a gun with a camera as part of the gun so the camera and gun barrel see around the corner so you do not have to stick  your head out. the gun also allows the user to target and fire. YouTube deleted the video as they also plan to delete all gun videos by the end of April 2018 ugetube is said to be coming up soon to show gun how to videos that You Tube will no longer show. Just a hearty thank you to You Tube from all us fans of the Constitution for censorship, silencing free speech, trampling on the second amendment. And the next big question is, knife censorship next on You Tube as they kill 4 to one over guns in the USA. Below is a video that works and is worth watching but not on corner shot.

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