Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Barnes and Noble Reverse Piracy $560

  I guess you could call it reverse shoplifting. My book is American Handbook on Guns Ammoand Freedom; I do not take things and never have.  I deposited four books each in four different Barnes and Noble Book Stores. Face value at $35 each so that was a gift of $35 X 16 = $560 giveaway. Foolish perhaps! ISBN bar codes should ring up at the register. In the future, hopefully their computer records will show that at one time they sold my books. How did I do it - my book is 553 pages long so it is no feather weight. I had an old backpack the kids used in school and put as many books in as would fit (which was 4). Looking about I found a shelf where they would fit in, categories like crafts. Given my book is on homemade gun construction, powder, primer, bullets, clip making, spring making and a host of other gun related topics to keep a gun running in an emergency I think that would qualify as a craft. Before leaving I showed the clerk at the register that my back pack was empty. Cost of shipping to Barnes and Noble zero dollars. Cost of printing to Barnes and Noble zero dollars. Cost of paying a person to stock the book zero dollars. Revenue they collect $560.
Return to me zero dollars.  The loss of printing costs for a book that large is something I cannot afford to do every day, chance of having them beat down my door and want more books, less than slight. The one positive note is that sixteen people can say that they got a copy of my book at Barnes and Noble. Was it worth it? It depends who the 16 people are. My book is on Amazon as well.

Richard W. Norman    

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