Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gun Book Internet Censorship

 Some of the problem I have faced in promoting my book. Strange to note the Internet controls on guns and gun information not faced by other blogs and sites that are not gun related. Many blog sites are given top ratings simply asking a single question about guns or gun processes like bullet casting or reloading. 6 or 8 comments are made and at the bottom they restrict any further comment or threads. If you type in gun books many gun books appear but many other books are mixed in which are not gun related in any way. So there is no avenue to make a book known if the public do not know what it is called. There is no list of gun books for people to shop from. One gun breakdown instruction manual of an obscure gun lists the small number sold like more than 35 the last time I looked and has a near the top listing. Gun books sold on Amazon may have a list of 1 available which makes it look as though the book is out of print.   
The controls desired by political leaders is to stop independent gun information on the Internet and some have expressed that gun information should be censored as soon as possible. In less you have written a gun book you could not appreciate the uphill battle we gun writers are facing. My book is on its third printing and sells well at gun shows but Internet sells are almost nonexistent. My blog site for the most part gets 3 or 4 hits on a post and never gets a hit again.

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