Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All American anti Disarmament Hand Book

This book was released in 2008 and unique in the fact that it dealt with upcoming goals to disarm the country. Its premise was to place within the public's hands the ability  to make homemade guns, shot, ammo, powder and primers. The author Richard W. Norman took home arms production into simply use what was available to offer plans for a  number of guns and included a full auto blueprints and plans of the WWII STEN SMG which the British made from old pipe and scrap metal which was a front line gun in the war.  The front of the book outlined a number of comparisons in the overthrow of nations like Germany and Russia where national disarmament lead to tyranny. He also offered solutions to stop a socialist shift in the USA if it should occur. The Title All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook was very misunderstood. So many people thought it was a book on Disarmament not catching the Anti (meant against) and not realizing that the title was against disarmament. This necessitated a change for other printings. The Book is currently called American Handbook on Guns Ammo  and Freedom and more than one third larger with over 450 photos and drawings and over 553 pages in length. The book takes you into making gun repair parts in an emergency and includes smokeless propellant formulas and all the information from the first book is expanded and amplified. You will have within your grasp the ability to make your gun shoot if you have no ammo or fix it if it is broken or make a gun if you had no gun; all with simple tools and salvage. The value of such information in an emergency would be priceless,       
Richard W. Norman All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook is now American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom third printing 

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