Saturday, July 23, 2016

2016 The right person for US president

I do not know if we have the right man or woman running to run this country. Neither Hillary or Trump appeal to everyone, or perhaps any one. I lived in the day of Ross Perot in 1992 and have seen the consequence of a split ticket vote against President George H. W Bush and Bill Clinton used it. When Perot was ahead in the poles he withdrew and then came back in before the election and assured Bills election; Bill would proceed to dismantle the US military until 2 out of every 3 fighter planes were scraped and he dismantled our navy until it was smaller than the navy of France. It is a matter of public record that he gave away our Inter Continual Ballistic missile plans to China as well as our multiple package delivery systems for nuclear war heads. It did not stop there he gave away the tool and die plant for $1, 000,000 if memory serves on the price to produce that missile in China and declassified truckloads of secret information on our inventions of war and shipped that to China as well. He also signed a treaty with Russia to destroy 10,000 of our tanks and so Bill had them deep sixed, meaning that they were thrown into the Gulf of Mexico in pits so deep that there would be no equipment known to man to recover them. Russia on the other hand took off the turrets and parked their tanks on farms and called them farm equipment. Hillary a few years ago went to the UN and supported disarming the American People. In a previous meeting a few years before that the UN called public owned arms illicit and made no reservations in stating that their biggest fear was long guns when it was time to disarm the USA. Bill and Hillary back in Washington is to bitter a pill to swallow. Bill Clinton did more damage to the military of the USA than 30 Pearl Harbors. Perhaps Trump is not the right man for the job but voting split ticket for the independent will insure Hillers election. However if Trump won he could not be any worse and perhaps do better. It is taking a chance but Hillary would be a bigger chance.       

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