Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gay Bathrooms Rights

Non gender bathrooms were used in Germany; an escaped American WWII P.O.W. needed to urinate and could not bring himself to use the facilities like everyone else and this led to being caught. 2016 Obama executive order bathrooms would be made non gender specific eventually we will be shepherded in to one central bathroom. We are at the point where we can tell who our enemies are in leadership, the press, and courts simply by what they support in the principle of deconstruction. This is necessary to destroy any ideology of the former generation this socialist term is called deconstruction or destabilization of a nation. What occurs is to make the next generation think and reject any principle of religion, law and government. Now modest is on the chopping block and in 15 to 20 years going into the same bathroom as the opposite sex will be an accepted occurrence. History is repeating itself and yes it takes people who pas edicts who are socialists to perform such indoctrination.

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