Sunday, December 21, 2014

Putting Christ Back into Christmas

People do not talk about Christian  principles any more, and the world scoffs at those who do. Somehow people want us to be ashamed to be a Christian. In fact they would prefer that we settle into some obscure corner and cringe in silence and hope that no one notices us. They also want to take Christ out of Christmas. Perhaps they fear that we will bring a revival of the doctrine of Christ and and a return to the standards of the past. 
The perfect life of the carpenter of Galilee who had his beginnings as the babe of Bethlehem was full of persecution and yet he stood up and said to "take up our cross and come and follow me" (him). At this Christmas season let us not only remember why he came-- but remember why we came here and that was to emulate what he had taught us. At a time when people are more comfortable with those who turn from the doctrine of life perhaps our greatest challenge will be to turn to our Savior and deal with those who are uncomfortable and lift some few souls who would follow us and help them rediscover Christ. As for those who are uncomfortable. That is their problem not ours, their uncomfortable nature should not stop us from living our religion as we set a goal to endure to the end. He lives and was the promised Messiah whose star heralded his birth and is the savior of the world!  Merry Christmas Richard W Norman

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