Thursday, August 26, 2010

Articles of National Defense

First, No country, principality, state, county, or city can exist in peace and freedom without a benchmark of law that is unchangeable and cannot be violated, to secure to the individual the free exercise of conscience, the right to control property, and the protection of life. That law is our Constitution and the ten amendments we call the Bill of Rights.
Second Peace necessitates the need of civil officers in politics, as judges and law enforcement, to restrain the criminal, to punish the guilty but never control conscience or suppress the freedoms of the soul.  
Third All men must protect and sustain the government in the place where they reside while protected in their inalienable rights by the laws of that government. Government has a right to make laws to protect the citizen, holding sacred the conscience of the individual. All men must live by the laws, or peace and harmony would be supplanted by disorder and anarchy. Our legal leaders should and must assure that our freedoms and rights are defended to protect innocent individuals, religions and property. Those who are thus protected have no right to act in sedition or anarchy and if they feel wronged, should seek for redress to those who are in office to make the appropriate changes in a peaceful manner. Richard W Norman

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