Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas

At this Christmas season it would be well to remember the cause of Christ and the plan of salvation. This plan was based upon the sacrifice of a savior so we could repent of our wrongs and at the end of this our mortal existence return to the God who gave us life to make an accounting of how we loved our fellow beings. Christ the only perfect person who had ever lived sacrificed himself so we would have the opportunity to repent and improve. He suffered so we would not have to! But if we neglect to repent and improve then we will suffer the full weight of justice making the atonement void and of no effect in our personal life. This brings upon the wicked the full weight of justice explained in the Old and New Testament.
 At this time of the remembrance of the babe of Bethlehem. We must remember that his life and death was foretold and born witness of, by prophets leading up to the time of his birth. The star that was prophesied as a sign of his coming was foretold thousands of years before his coming and the fact that the star did appear at the time of his birth is a mater of history. King Herod's killing of the babes in Bethlehem was also foretold in the Old Testament and is also today a mater of recorded history. The miracles and hearings Christ preformed in his ministry are also a mater of recorded history outside the Bible account. No other man has had such a long term effect on the world than this one solitary life. Jesus Christ was the lamb without blemish, the ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifices. I bear my humble testimony that he lives--he was not to molder in the dust as normal men but was the first to be resurrected. I will unite my testimony with Job "Though skin worms will destroy my flesh after death" "in my flesh I will see God". Merry Christmas to you and yours Richard W Norman
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