Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something Beyond Death

Mortality was never meant as an easy ride
Perhaps a time of good and bad best describes
Our course supplanted with ups and downs 
Where we must lift our self from the ground.
Yet God knows our earthly plight
Of trials, tears, and tests of dark of night  
And notes- and yes sees- the sparrow in its fall.
At such times when life looks dark- and our sight is dimed  
Let us take life’s blows on the chin
And remember on whom we trust
That he will take all cares from us.
That our time is but a grain of sand
Whisked about in an eternal wind
Let us put and place our trust in Christ    
With the resurrection sure and true
We shall see- and be- with  all our loved ones soon
         Richard W Norman
My cousin lost his wife so I took pen in hand

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