Thursday, November 14, 2013

Personal Truth

Postmodernists are relay socialistic, and their writings are too Marxist to allow them to be in denial. That said one of the main ploys today is to talk about personal truths. This statement then smears the line between right and wrong dramatically. It is a good opportunity for people to claim a philosophy that is so far left that there is no truth in it. This is useful for those wanting acceptance,  after all it makes them feel good that they are finally right for a change. I mean if they really thought about it too long they would be right back to being wrong again. It would not be so bad except that it is confusing to the next generation and actually a perversion of truth to such a degree that anyone can actually claim any thing as a personal truth. There was a time when people beveled that the world was flat. When a few people started saying it was round it brought grate criticism yet it did not change the fact that it was round. The man who invented the barometer enlarged one and hung it in his town and marked it with the words sunny, cloudy and rain. The town became terrified as each time it went to these positions it rained and the town made him take it down-- after all if it went up and stayed there they could all be killed in a flood. The personal truth people would like us to be leave there is no absolute truth this than allows them again to feel good about their personal off centered philosophy. Fortunately there has been enough people who lived before us that have placed some rock hard definitions that can not be wished away as false by those claiming personal truth and these definitions are not only rock solid but outside the Bible as excepted bead rock facts that can not be argued away. Virtue, temperance, love, kindness, obedience, faithfulness, morality, honor, integrity, chastity, fidelity, and yes even truth. Since the Bible covers all this truth with such exactness the personal truth people want to discount the Bible and take it down after all if they lived in the days of Noah they might have to worry about dying in a flood. Looking for acceptance with a deviant philosophy douse not allow one man to force his opinion on others. Nor should we be slandered because we do not accept such beliefs. Neither will we be obligated to give ground or be pushed from our known truths we hold most dear. There are God given truths, eternal truths, and to say that these truths do not exist or can be changed is as ludicrous as claiming the world is flat.  Richard W Norman

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. 

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