Saturday, January 18, 2014

Magnesium Shotgun Shell Dragons Breath

While promoting my book at a gun show last year and disusing alternatives to shotgun shells one man was very much annoyed that I did not know how to make a magnesium shotgun shell called Dragons Breath . Returning home it was looked up on the internet. To buy such a shell is about $5 each and it shoots out a brilliant white light for about 100 feet which lasts 3 seconds. I suppose that if you were in that stream that you would have a very bad experience. The question for the use of such a pyrotechnic device in a combat situation would be very limited. Range under 90 foot other wise it would have little effect on the target. Night time use would also be limited for when you fired the gun you would be an instant target. Useful application as a flair poor as the 3 seconds visible light could be missed by searchers.
  WWII flame throwers had a range of from 165 to 200 ft from the gunner. The fuel generally lasted 12 seconds so the device was used in short bursts. So 4 magnesium shot shells would have the time duration of a WWII flame thrower. A magnesium shot shell would probably only have an affect on one target where a WWII flame thrower would have an effect on multiple targets at the same time. The magnesium shotgun shell is said not to hurt the  shot gun barrel but causes very bad fowling
  I think the real drawbacks of the magnesium shot shell is range, visibility or drawing fire, limited target application, as well as specific application or when to, or not to, use the device. But if it could be applied under the right conditions it could be a most frightening, unsettling, fearsome weapon. Every weapon has its shortcomings. This one just has more than its share if it was used outside its pretty pyrotechnics. 
   Slugs and buckshot would be a better choice or even bird shot for self defense as they would offer a grater range rather than a magnesium shotgun shell. All your opponent would need to do would be distance himself back further than 100 ft. Best application in a war of a magnesium shotgun shell Dragons Breath would be tight close quarters combat situations in an urban environment.
 Richard W Norman   

 If there was ever a war then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. 
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