Friday, March 28, 2014

Rednecks and Hicks

A man station in life who does not merit much public acclaim -but among those who know him he caries the best of attributes of character. Those who fall below the level of Hicks and Rednecks live without principle, virtue or honor  and are described in unmentionables terms. It is unfortunate that many of these are well educated and look down on Rednecks and Hicks. I would suppose that this group feel threatened by Rednecks and Hicks as they stand for the principles of God, family, and country the others have long since shunned. Perhaps it would be well to have an annual Hicks and Redneck day where the nation attends church, spends time with the family has a pick-nick and flies an American flag remembering those who gave their life so we could remain free. Personally I feel we have a shortage of Rednecks and Hicks and pray they never become an endangered species in this nation.
Richard W Norman
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Anti-armor Infantry Tactics Techniques and ConceptsHomemade KFM Fallout Radiation Meter KitUS Ammunition Price List for 1912    

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