Monday, August 18, 2014

Going Against the Tide

The hardest decisions in life usually always concern choosing a true course and following it. Some of these receive little if any opposition from the world. The hardest choices usually concern principal-- knowing when you are right and realizing  it goes against popular opinion, be leafs, and philosophies. Few men are brave enough to go against the flow, and persist against the tides of public sentiment and stand against popular opinion. Such men are slandered, persecuted, and put in dire circumstances, louse friends and family, wealth, prominence, connections and are generally hated and sometimes lose their life . Their legacy has been to create nations, preserve freedom, avert wars, revive morality and save the youth from many stumbling blocks of their time and leave the world a better place. Their rewards are sometime never realized until they have left mortality.    
Richard W. Norman

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