Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Founding Fathers AR Improvements over Colt and Bushmaster

If building an AR and investing in a lower receiver then Founding Fathers is the way to go. They have cut out some arias of the lower as shown by the dotted lines “A” which is not needed for strength or function of the lower and moved the metal to needed week points all over the lower so as not to increase weight but increase overall strength. This sleight of hand of engineering has changed what people might think of as a normal or standard lower and created something special perhaps making it one of the strongest lower receivers for the AR for our time. One of the week spots on normal lowers is the spot marked “C”. If you break off one of these wings in assembly you must buy a new lower. Founding Fathers made this part solid as seen by dotted lines “B”. If investing in a lower perhaps it would make a lot of sense to have the best platform as a base for your AR build. No I do not work for Founding Fathers!  

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