Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mount Denali

People do not realize what a socialist shift is and how it works. Whether it was Russia during the Bolshevik revolution or pre WWII Germany there is an attack on the fabric that holds a nations together its ideals names of places, flags, statues and anything tying it to old ideals philosophies, beliefs. For the southerners it was the stars and bars honored because of the sacrifice of their dead who fought for the south and now followed by the removal of statue after statue.
The Native Indians of Alaska still honor mount McKinley as Denali and rightly so. But I cannot think that they are really so offended as they teach their children that it is Mount Denali. Two names for the same mountain seems like splitting hairs  but the effect on the US will trickle down as other attacks will follow as our leaders will make our founding fathers look out of date out of step with the modern world, paint them as aristocrats out of touch with the contemporary man. They will then remove their statues desecrate their monuments and eventually try to change our nations flag. If all this had not happened before in Russia and Germany I would have nothing to say about what a mountain was called nor would I care.

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