Saturday, April 6, 2013

75% Wealth Tax

  Currently in France courts and statesmen want a 75% wealth tax. This is socialism at its peek! What they start saying is that the rich must pay their fair share and then move into everyone paying. What ever the equity is in your home or savings when such is repeated here in the USA the government will then own 75% of your investment. Eventually they will ask for the other 25% and "wallah" your wealth has been redistributed and the state now owns everything. It eliminates all property ownership. Isn't the redistribution of wealth wonderful! Those of us apposed to such things only hope that those seeking such things wake up before it is too late. Oh by the way currently in France it has been found that some of those in government and the courts seeking for the redistribution of wealth have out of country bank accounts---So this means that the redistribution of wealth is only for everyone else and not those law makers supporting such laws. Many of our political leaders in America are seeking for the same thing.
  Petain (the french dictator under Hitler who helped overthrew the Third Republic and helped send his fellow countrymen to death camps and ordered the police to preform night raids on his nations homes) would have been proud of the modern France. It sounds like France needs another revolution, let us in the USA pray we do not!  Richard W Norman   For my book in print click my name.
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