Friday, April 26, 2013

Corrosive Primers and Gun Cair

Military surplus ammo-- Just a beef explanation on corrosive primers. Long ago one of the first primers was the old mercury base primer or some call them mercuric primers These had a salt, a mercuric salt that would corrode the gun barrel of your gun even when it was cleaned very well. This required a special cleaning solvent called by the soldiers as Mothers Milk. Primers today are not made with corrosive salts however many surplus types of ammo's that have and are coming into the country over the years were made before the new primers and are the old mercuric primers. If you inherit Great Grand dads old shooting stuff you may find stockpiles of bullets made before the new primer replacements were available. Some of this stuff even shows up at the local gun show, being passed from shooter to shooter and never used. First, it is good stuff, and shoots and loads as well as any other ammo, and should not be discounted as junk. People who shoot a mix of guns some with modern non corrosive ammo and others with surplus corrosive ammo should think very carefully about their gun cleaning techniques. The majority of the salts are in the initial powder residue and these are swabbed out with the first few cleaning patches which is good! The remaining salts even in a brilliantly clean and shinny bore are more than enough to rust the gun barrel  before you use the gun the next time. This brings up a critical point and that is the fact some people double dip their cleaning patches in their cleaning solvent. This double dipping transfers the salts into the solvent and then transfers the salt to your other guns creating the same problem as if you had used corrosive primers.
 Even in never using corrosive primers the buildup of powder fouling in the solvent over time from double dipping will lessen the cleaning ability of the solvent and make it impossible to clean a gun completely even with you best efforts. It is like having a bunch of kids run through you kitchen floor with muddy feet and after the wash water reaches a saturation point of suspended dirt ----you do not change the wash water and continuing to scrub the floor with muddy water. You only re-applying muddy water to pick it up again and putting it back in the bucket.
   First rule never dip your patch even if running a dry test patch down a gun barrel and even if the patch looks clean when you pull it out of the gun barrel. Second rule never double dip your patches. Third, forth and fifth rule never double dip your patches.
   The main trouble for many of us is the fact that we can get the surplus ammo for as little as 1/4 the cost of new production ammo so for the shooter and sportsman you can shoot 4 bullets for the price of one. This brings us to removing the remaining salts. The army cleaning solvent nicknamed Mothers Milk is no longer available. And people who shoot surplus ammo have stockpiled what was available and so the gun shows have dried up as far as a supply point. And what is being sold from the military surplus is the newer solvents. In a manual I have written I spend some time explaining the corrosive nature of the mercuric primers and why it is involved in the erowiding of your gun and I also include a formula so you can make your own Mothers Milk cleaning solvent. In my other book I recognize that there may come a time when you can no longer buy what you need to make your gun work so along with the massive amount of information on providing home made arms and ammo I provide  information on making what you can not have  if your gun rights were taken away I also include a formula for making a Hoppies #9 type cleaning solvent. To get the "All American Anti Disarmament Handbook" in a Paper Back work book instead of an e-book point and click paper back above. To get it as an e-book click manual above and then go to books.

If national disarmament came than having readily concealable information in making arms, ammo, and substitute military products would be critical. Salvaging readily available surplus military products and knowing how to use these items essential in keeping the nation free. You can now have a library of such books that will fit on a CD or flash drive for a small investment. Why not? If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home or do without.
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