Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Day 1815

During the War of 1812 fighting the British (1812 is the name of the war) the fledgling American nations capital was burned and the British were boasting as to how little use the American militia was. Three miracles occurred one was when the British had left the Capital in triumph or so they thought God in all his wisdom did battle for us and sent several tornadoes through the unprotected British lines and they were left in ruin, little able to continue their march of terror.
  The second was that the nation did not prepare for defending the Grate Lakes So Oliver Hazard Perry was given an assignment to build a fleet on the shore of lake Erie and attacked the British. Perry having a shortage of canons built turrets so the canons could be turned from one side of the ship to the other. His ship took on the largest of the British ships and gave as good as he got but Perry's  ship was turned into a pile of splinters. With an unconquerable spirit he climbed into a rowboat and went to another of his ships whose captain did not do a close engagement of the enemy as ordered and Perry took command and attacked again finishing off the second largest British ship. Other American slower gun boats caught up and began firing on the remaining ships. The entire British fleet surrendered!  This victory allowed us to begin to recapture towns and villages that were taken and left us in to take command of the other Great Lakes as well.    
At the other end of the continent New Years 1815 proved as equally miraculous  as civilian troops began to form not regular army but militia knowing little why, they gathered like homing pigeons - men began to congregate to the city of New Orleans coming from as far as Kentucky. Andrew Jackson who would be a future president of this nation took leadership of some 4000 men in a battle that was Biblical in the form of being miraculous. Jan. 7, 1815 the well equipped British attacked with 10,000 men and Jackson's boys--militia using civilian arms and a few canons would beet the British. The British losses were over 2000 men American losses 13.
  At this new years let us remember that when we were a moral and good people that God preserved this nation when the odds were stacked against us. Richard W. Norman

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