Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A change for the better

We have arrived at a time where the generation gap is narrowing as never before. One college professor took an old TV series called, “Leave it to Beaver”, and copied some clips to show to his students. The professor expected the walls to shake with laughter as he showed families in settings far different than we are used to today. At the close of the video the room was silent the professor asked what the class thought. One girl said how much she would like life to be like that today and the class agreed. In essence the responses went like this one kid said she would give anything to lay in the sun in the grass in her front yard and study her homework and not fear to be accosted or shot. Another kid said, “oh that I could have dinner with my family like that,” another, “Oh to be able to take a walk in the evening without fear.” The kids went on and on. Selling good at this time of depravity to this generation may not be as much of a hard sell as we might think. True pied-pipers of the present need to play a song of the values of the past and we may well find our children willingly dancing to the music. Richard W. Norman

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