Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Praying for good politicians

It has been very apparent that the nation has been headed down a road that the vast majority of our people would not like it to go. This has been pushed in the press and in the hallowed halls of Washington D.C. and Hollywood; people seem to be in power that do the opposite of the promises made during the elections and those on the TV have no moral base. We need to remember that in spite of what these people do there is a higher power involved in the destiny of men and nations. We may think that we have little or no influence in the future course of this nation. Some men say the heavens are silent—that God does not hear or speak today. Yet there is a gentle wispier in the minds and souls of men that he is real—that we are neither forgotten, neglected nor alone. Perhaps our efforts should be a grater dependence on prayer to attract the gaze of his all watchful eye, coupled with our own feeble efforts, and an indomitable faith that if it were needed he would move the very mountains for our good.  

October 11, 2011 Houston, Texas, was in a drought. The soil of east Texas is black in nature; when wet it is like gummy clay and when dry almost like a fluff, kind of like dry peat moss. During a drought the soil shifts and moves in a contraction leaving huge cracks large enough to swallow a cow or man and at this time the soil was relentless. Homes were being destroyed from the shifting earth and plumbing pipes were cracking. At this time of extreme need one congregation in one of the outlying areas of Houston decided to do something about it, they decided to fast and pray to ask God for relief. They decided to include all of the churches in the community. Fliers were made and people went door to door and stood at malls and shops asking the community to join in the fast and prayer for rain on Oct. 11. The woman telling the story who participated in the campaign said that as the time drew near she had some normal human doubts. Some churches would not participate yet others entered the project with all they had. It did rain on the very day of the fast and drenched the area. Within the next 6 weeks they had more rain than they had for the last 6 months. As she stood at the place where she was passing out the fliers on the scheduled October 11th the day of the fast the rain was falling and people were coming up to her asking for a flier as a keep sake of the day God answered their prayers.

This nation has been going down a road different than our parents. Some have chosen to abandon the teachings of their parents, grandparents, forefathers and the founders of this nation and their God and do things against all reason of good. Somehow they are thinking that God will not see or hear. This generation however has a sprinkling of some of the finest people the world has ever known. Saved for our day! Let us live our religion whatever it may be and look heavenward to the father of us all and ask him to preserve this nation as long as there is a people planted in a foundation of Christ, that we shall have hope of a better day. Perhaps as we approach this election we should pick a day and fast and pray that we get the best of men and women as our leaders. A fast is the missing of two consecutive meals so if you ate dinner the night before you would not eat or drink until dinner the next night. You start the fast with a prayer explaining to God its purpose. You close the fast with prayer asking God to please consider your request. Fasting is best done on a day when you are not involved in strenuous work. People who are not healthy enough to fast spend the time in prayer and reading the scriptures and pondering. Richard W Norman
All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook

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