Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dominant Eye Shooting

The dominant eye  has a lot to do with how people shoot. 

A key factor as to how a rifle is handled is the way you see things-- one of your eyes is dominant. Hold up a finger and look at it with both eyes now close your left eye if your finger stays in the same place you are right eye dominant now switch and close the other eye and your finger will move. For the man with his first gun it will determine how he handles his gun. My Mom was born in a time where being left handed was frowned on so her teacher would crack her knuckles with a ruler every time she picked up a pencil with her left hand. Left handed people are generally left eye dominant. Left alone they will handle a gun with their left hand to pull the trigger with. For them a gun is backwards. Given that the majority of the people are right handed military rifles and most sporting rifles are generally speaking made to function for right handed people. The counsel for shooting is to keep both eyes open when shooting but here again right handed people are usually right eye dominant which creates no real problem. Keeping both eyes open creates a field of vision that allows you to chose varying targets. For the left eye dominant person he must learn to function the gun as a right handed person would, load it as a right handed person wood but shoot it aiming with his recessive eye. In the case of a military rifle for the most part you are stuck with a right handed gun. There is some information on plastic shell deflectors as well as some instructors teaching shooters to shoot the dominant eye. There is also information on instructors teaching people to shoot right handed and insisting on it using their recessive eye. If you try to reverse the way you handle the gun you will be at a tremendous disadvantage as you will not be able to quickly function the gun especially old bolt action rifles so you must from the start learn to handle the gun as it was made to be handled. In the case of being left eye dominant you must verify the target and close your dominant eye aim and fire with your recessive eye and open both eyes and pick another target and close the dominant eye aim and fire. Well you might say I will just buy a left handed gun well in a stress situation you will have to learn to shoot all over again if you louse your gun. Some military rifles are known for throwing hot brass in you face. More than likely if you get your hands on another rifle if you louse yours it will be right handed too. For you learning as a lefty with your first gun it would pay to learn how to shoot right handed. It will be a little more work but worth the investment of time. Then it will never mater if you have to pick up a right handed gun it will always be usable. If you ever ended up in a street fight in the army you could swing the gun from shoulder to shoulder depending on the position of the  wall you were shooting around giving you a tremendous advantage.

SKS after market bolt 

 If you have always invested in left handed guns then you might want a left handed semi-auto rifle. But you might argue that an inexpensive one might not be available. Then you need to look at the inexpensive SKS Chinese import guns. For years there have been gunsmiths who cut off bolt handles and replace them. The SKS works on a open top bolt the handle can be cut off and rewedded on the other side. The rear dust cover would need to be reshaped to match the right side and you would have a very fine left handed gun. They also sell a new safety release that can be used for the left hand. By saving the right handed bolt and using a aftermarket part then you can make the gun right handed again if you should ever decide to sell it and get top dollar. You can also take in an aftermarket bolt and not the whole gun for the repair this should keep you off of any lists. This weld would need to be preformed by an experienced gunsmith   Richard W Norman

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