Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama Food War

11/4/20012 Nearing election day and a farewell thank you to Obama.Yes its pretty sad this is a whole can of tuna without the water. Did you know that our beloved  caring, considerate, hart felt  politicians in our Congress in  Washington DC passed a law so food manufacturing can add 20% more water to a can of food. This is not limited to tuna fish but to all food products! Seen any water in your nice package fancy lunch meet that you have had to pour down the drain. Some of the steam coming off of cooking hamburger is now a valuable wast product water you paid for going up in smoke. Caned vegetables are included-- frozen food is easy to hide it in. Perhaps our politicians are concerned about our weight. Sad to note that you have to now pay for 20 oz of food to get 16 oz so you are being over charged by 4 oz that your children did not get to eat. A can of tuna at one time made two nice sandwiches well such luxuries are not in your future it is the redistribution of wealth, socialism paying for what you do not get. Recently in a trip to Missouri elections were being advertised for for those wanting congressional reelection. Interesting to note is the fact that many of those speaking against Obama care also voted for it. Tragically these two faced congressmen were also buying into the insurance companies and medical supply companies, and plan, and will, profit off of our compelled servitude. Seeing that they just took 20% of the food out of the mouths of our children, and that they have created a taxing entity with Obama care that will rob taxpayers and deny service to people on dialysis by forcing them to pay up to $20,000 a visit so many of them will have to go home and dye. Perhaps we should tell the Obama political machine to do without 80% of the vote and they can lead the country with the other 20% of the voters. After all it works in Russia!

11/7/2012 Well Obama wins. There is a reason for telling this following short story below. I am going to leave the above blog intact so those who look at it in four years will remember how bad a mistake they made.
Before the 2000 Bush-- Gore election not so long ago I was taking machinist classes and working at the same time. My daily sleep was only about 3 to 4 hours a night and school was killing me while trying to work and attend class. I was a substitute teacher but needed to attend day classes so that job was out. The security guard company I worked for liked my work as I had caught some people infiltrating a computer company, and was very good at shipping companies. Telling them that I was going to go to school was a mistake. I need a guard shack and a un-strenuous post but they were unhappy with me leaving them as they liked my work and tried to discourage me from going to school and stay with them. So instead of helping me they gave me a walking assignment at a local mall where I was on my feet all night. After standing at a machine tool all day  and standing all night it was apparent that this could not go on but somehow I did it. Running into a man working at a telemarketing company he suggested that I apply there. It was apparent that the turnover rate was high and this was not a stable job but desperate I took the job and informed the security guard company that I only had room for substitute guard assignments. Here too they found me an assignment every night and it was always a full shift so the remaining part of my day was reduced to 1 hour sleep if I was lucky. This went on for 3 months and finely I approached the head of the telemarketing company and asked how stable my position was? He too said he liked my work very much and sad my position was very secure. This allowed me to quit the security guard company and they said I was more than welcomed to return any time I wanted.
   There are two reasons for telling that story. First is the fact that I became a telemarketer under dares and would not have ever thought to have such a job. Second was the 2000 Bush-- Gore election. The night of the election New Mexico of all places was a key state and they had a television running in the telemarketing company (which was unusual) The New Mexico poles were announced as closed on TV but the democrats kept them open and our job that night was to call democrats from a list and encourage them to go vote. Time after time the person would say but the poles are closed and time after time we would repeat that the poles are still open and they would thank us and say "in that case I will go"! Bill Clinton ordered the absent-t military votes placed aboard ship and the ship to sail in circles in the ocean so they would not be available or counted. This was  dirty politics and I only wonder if it was repeated in the 2012 Obama ---Romney election tonight. Richard W Norman

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