Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lead home made casting pot Magmaw 20 of 20

No I am not selling you the blueprints to make this pot you will see everything you will need to  know on how to make this 90 lb lead melting pot  on this site for free. 

A few days after the post below was prepared  I found in my junk the missing 1/4 20 nut for the tower and the four 10/32 jam nuts for the two smaller bolts. The metal work is now 100% complete. Just for fun scroll down  to post 1 of 20 and refresh your memory on the pile of junk I made most of this out of. 
Finishing touches on the metal work-- Final assembly of metal parts

A small grinding stone in a an electric hand drill was used to remove the drill through burs and welding splatter by the drain hole above. The 1/4 20 1 inch bolt in the tower needs a jam nut I know I have one somewhere and will eventual find one and install it. the 10 / 32 screws also need a jam nut and to be cut off. 
All I need now is the electrical parts and to burn off the zinc coating on the drain rod as it will turn into a poison gas under high heat. I had to buy an additional $6 in screws so the grand total was $49.98. I paid to much for the 1/4 inch by 5&1/2 inch tall - 8 inch wide pipe for the pot but at the cost of gas I felt it was the best alternative. Scrap metal price for the pipe would have been around $2 so this pot to this point should have been  $32. I will lay this project aside for now in tell I can find the lowest price for the heating rods and thermostat.  
To see the construction from the beginning each post has a forward at the bottom so you can click it and carry you to the next post for this project To see the construction starting at the first post on making this pot click here
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Bullet alloy-- there are two diffident methods for getting alloy mentioned on this blog one is from wheel weights and the other is from a sail boat keels  . This link will show a keel being cut up with a chain saw and melted in a Magma melting pot. 
  Yours truly  Richard W Norman the Junk-Ologist.

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

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