Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bench Block for Free

The bench blocks above were  made by me years ago the one on the left was a class project (to buy one depending on the company that made it is from $30 to $80)the one center and to the right were from old timer blueprints, also made by me. The one far left is useful in taking things apart; it allows you to drive out pins of varying sizes.The other two have movable claws which are useful in holding and making small parts. For the most part the above blocks are more than you would ever need. The one to the left is and has been very usable for gun Dis-assembly. Actually the same bench block is available in plastic for $20 to $40 and they very in shape and design which douse not matter but all work the same way. 
All you need is a piece of synthetic decking. This was a free sample from the lumber yard.  The wood imprint on the other side was turned down. 
The part is laid out for where you want the "V" grove I put mine to the side. The first cut in the center was made to the desired depth  With the saw cutting as you normally wood make the out side lines about 3/32 deep and then tilt the hacksaw as you see above and aim for the  end of the center cut, do the same on the other side.
The largest hole in the decking is 3/4 inch. This hole was probably way larger than I would ever need and it was made with a wood drill bit the other holes were made with regular drill bits. Different sized bits were chosen with no particular preference except the one in the center of the V was 1/2 inch and should be the largest drill bit you have if you do not have a 1/2 inch bit. Take a few minutes and lay out the drill points with some sort of accuracy and order and it will be an attractive but very usable addition to your tool box. This is a 10 to 15 minute project that can save you a few bucks. It is a very durable soft but tough anvil. It is very usable. It is safer to use on a gun then the bench block on the left above and cost nothing other than a little of your time. Make one hole with the largest drill bit you have on the flat surface even if you use the 1/2 inch bit twice  and scatter the holes so there is a small hole near a large one and never two large holes together. I finished the "V" grove with a file. 
Never take a working functioning gun apart any further than to  clean it. Liquid spray gun cleaners are most useful for cleaning complicated parts. Brake parts cleaner at one time was a very useful product in tell they started putting chlorine in it. 
  P.S. While picking up your free piece of decking the free deep nap long fiber carpet samples at the lumber yard are very useful for washing you auto upholstery  Richard W. Norman  the Junk-Ologist  

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom


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