Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good is Bad and Bad is Good. What?

When society is good it will censor the bad and uphold the right. Those so censored are offended of course and settle into a plan to change public opinion. When society moves toward being bad, or generally accepts what was unacceptable a short time before society will soon judge that it is good to be bad. Another word the unaccepted precepts of a generation before is now accepted as good. Or it is good to be bad. With this change if the press becomes involved it will try to make those who still believe in the good precepts of the past think that they are outnumbered and that the bad is now accepted as good. When this bad group begins to organize and spread its new morality there is generally an allusion that the good are outnumbered. If the government becomes involved it passes laws to silence those who would speak out to restore morality. With the public believing that they are outnumbered and the press supporting the change the government makes, it becomes illegal to speak openly and enables lawsuits to silence those who would speak. When the bad solidify the power of their position they can now reverse the roles and speak openly to persecute those who at one time were considered good. The Bible prophesied of the day when evil would be called good and good evil. We need to remember just because the world says good is bad, and bad is good-- it never has-- and never will make it so.    Richard W Norman

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