Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dumbest Smart People

Political comparisons the dumbest smart people you will ever meat – About 2000 years ago a severe political situation arose in nation of Jerusalem. Two kings seeking for power both without the knowledge of the other asked the Romans to assist them in over throwing the other king- Roam wrote back to both kings and agreed to help. Both kings stood still thinking that they were being assisted, but  in the end they both were out of a job and Rome was in control. 
Those wanting us to move toward socialism would do well to look at a few history books—the killing fields—the death camps—the lost homes—destroyed families—the loss of freedom. Those wanting socialism are too stupid to look at the past, consumed with looking at the present in hopes of money, positions, power, or just a free lunch. Such people are without feeling, thinking somehow they will be in charge. It is interesting to note that from their perspective they are so cold hearted as to believe that the killing fields—the death camps—the lost homes—destroyed families-- the attack on the church—the loss of freedom will affect everyone but them. If they stopped to read a few history books they would realize that they will be dead in a short time after they succeed, killed at the hand of those they helped to overthrow our government 
If Hitler’s Germany happened here hopefully we as a people would be smart enough to know we must resist. This resistance would result in the extermination of those who started the mess. If the socialists happened to win however the vast majority of their leaders would be exterminated by those they helped get them in to power. Yes that is true of any socialist takeover! A socialist is indeed one of the dumbest smart people you will ever meet. Is that what you call a lose-lose situation, or an oxymoron? A better world has always been offered by those who have not sought for personal aggrandizement, or position. Perhaps it is time we start looking for those types of people to run our government again.   Richard W Norman

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