Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bayonets and Arrows

A lot of effort has been expended on downgrading the arrow and the bayonet. Some few years ago the arrow was banned that could pears a bullet proof vest. There was a gentle growl at the gun shops as people were saying things like "I bet there was ZERO statistics on police men being shot with arrows"  Why would congers go to such lengths to pass such a law if there was almost no chance of arrows being used as a threat to the police. Putting the bayonet in the same ball park why has the BATF and congers feared the public ownership of the bayonet and put restrictions on them from time to time  as well, and we will probably see further restrictions on them in the future.
   First the only reason to fear the bayonet and arrow is if our political leaders wanted to taker our freedoms as a nation. There would have to be a general fear that the public would use the bayonet and arrow to protect themselves otherwise why go to all the trouble to place restrictions on them. 
  The next point is critical so give this some thought. Hollywood is full of Post Modernists (Socialists) in radio and TV who when possible downgrade the bayonet. Shows on TV and military history programs as well as historians are saying the day of the bayonet is over. Why then would congress and the BATF go to such lengths to restrict them? Why would Hollywood go to such lengths to downplay them? Next point if the day of the Bayonet is over why does the army have bayonet training. Perhaps it would pay us to look at these supposed useless employments. Maybe its time to look at the pluses of these tools!    
 The bayonet and arrow offer first and foremost a way to kill in silence. Make no mistake if used in the right way they each could be as lethal as any bullet ever made. If we were invaded they should be used with the idea of stealth and surprise. Second the bayonet offers an alternative when you are out or running low on ammo. British Commander Carlton's men used the bayonet in the executions of surrendering Americans during the Revolutionary War. Another words a bayonet or arrow can offer a lethal wound with out the expenditure of any ammo. (home made arrows would be easier to make than shell casings for a gun) Bayonets are relativity cheep depending on the gun and I feel a good storage item. 
   Well over 30 years ago I had a chance to go on a trip with a man and his kids to Mexico to see many archaeological sites interesting to note was the fact that Mexico had guards on dams and bridges with a rifle and a good sized bayonet. Countries with small armies are reduced to such types of things for national security. One of the neat things about a bayonet is the intimidation factor. 
   Lastly the bayonet above is for a India 308 cal Ishapore  rifle. It is not a very well designed bayonet as it has no blood grove. A blood grove is a dip on each side of the bayonet that runs most of the length of the blade which allows the air to enter the wound as the bayonet is withdrawn otherwise the bayonet will sometimes be stuck in the flesh and be difficult or even near impossible to remove because the mussels contract around the blade. Where ever possible get a bayonet with a blood grove. In a war do not push the bayonet in up to the hilt! Do not drive a bayonet in over 6 inches as it is better to make another hole in your opponent if the first one was not lethal so the blade will not be as difficult to remove. In a war if you had to use a bayonet it is a good idea to have a bullet in the chamber so if the bayonet becomes stuck you discharge the gun and the hole will allow air to enter the aria so you can remove the bayonet, which would be extremely important for any use of a bayonet but especially important for a bayonet without a blood grove.   Richard W Norman

This man made a bow out of his skis
Bow string could be made with carpet thread, or upholstery threads, or parachute cord, etc. After calculating the desired length of the bow string, a jig could be made with two nails in a board to wrap the carpet threads on. An easy 40 pound bow to make is from a five foot length of 3/4 schedule 40 white PVC pipe and two 5/16 fiberglass reflector poles at about $2 each. On one rod cut off 12 inches and on the other rod cut off 18 inches and make a center mark on all the pieces and duct tape them together. Center this inside the white 3/4 inch schedule 40 pipe, only use the black pipe if the other is not available. Arrow point can be made out of an elongated narrow triangle of steel made like an Indian arrow point tied on a shaft for a point.
Lay out the end string notch on the pipe is simple. By using a tile cutting blade for a hacksaw it makes a notch perfect for a parachute cord bow string. This description is from the youtube site     
 If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your gun parts, bullets and supplies at home, salvage or do without. There is a gun and ammo supply system in available a book American Handbook on Guns Ammo andFreedom”. This is a Book on home gun construction and repair, powder, primers; and a brief history of how the USA has moved toward socialism and their written plans to overthrow our freedom and some solutions to save the Constitution.

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