Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lyman Shell plate Gauge

When a rifle bullet is fired the shell casing stretches and if not trimmed it can pinch in the throat of the gun barrel and when the gun is fired the shell casing will go up the barrel with the bullet and blow up the gun  This Lyman shell case tool saves you from having to measure each shell casing with a dial caliper. The shells are quickly checked and the shell that is to big is thrown in a separate bucket so it can be trimmed.  The rest are loaded. It is the quick and easy way to check shell cases. I had hoped for years to git one of these used but no one gets rid of them so I had to finally break down and buy a new one. No I do not work for Lyman nor do I receive anything for mentioning other companies products. Using the Lee hand held shell case trimmer and buying the Lee de-burring tool combined with this Lyman tool above will save you hundreds of dollars and allow you to do what people do with expensive case prep machines. (most people are heart sick after investing in a electric prep center and find out how little they got for their money) Also in an emergency where there is no electricity the electric case prep machines become a pretty ---but expensive useless paperweight. In an emergency such a tool  as this Lyman shell plate gauge could be copied even if it were made for only one shell casing for each shell plate gauge. It would be a quick and easy way to supply a group of people in a war with a most usable easy to make low tech, but extremely effective product. Using a block of wood and a dial caliper-- sand the block in tell it is within a little under maximum shell case clearance in both directions. This would allow you to use the gauge no matter how it was turned. Clamp four pieces of flat iron around the block and spot weld. The wood block you just made could be used to create hundreds of these shell plate gauges.Check each gauge after welding with a dial caliper. Using metal stamps, stamp on caliber size,before distribution.
  Richard W Norman     

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