Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Slowest Form of Death

Usually a gun site today I will deviate a bit. It is no mystery the slowest manner of death is good health but the slowest form of death may well be the man or woman who has no care for their fellow beings. While some die young from defect and disease others living their whole life may have died soon after they came of age who spent their whole life living a religion of self. In reality in the sands of time they never even made a dent and like so many others who have gone before helped none in need but in the land of the living are only among the walking dead. Dead to charity, integrity, honor, love, --dead to all aspects of the milk of human kindness , and when weighed in the balance they would have made no difference even if they died at birth and would never have lived at all.
 In Bonham Texas Fannin county a  small group of people have made a difference in peoples lives for 20 years they have a small organization that subsisted on about $700 a month working from space loaned to them  for a few decades. The owner of the space finely sold the warehouse and they must find new space or dissolve. The interesting thing about this organization is the fact that they feed 400 families a month without government assistance. Businesses and other sources donate the food.  It would be a shame to let such a group fade away without a struggle. The help you could offer, what ever it is -- no mater how small could make a big difference. The Bonham  chamber of commerce could direct you on how to help. Thanks    
Richard W Norman

Three days have passed since the above post and I learned today an unknown benefactor from the community has said they will buy and donate a small where house - building to the food bank all they have to do is find the most usable building available in Bonham    

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