Thursday, July 4, 2013

Armed Resistance and the 4th of July

The 4th of July alwase brings to mind the need of vigilince and sacrifice to stay free. WWII is so close in the past that perhaps we can relate to the strugles of others as they too sought fot their fredoms.The Philippine have over 7000 islands. We sometimes look at only the larger islands in the study of history but take for granted that the Japanese were in completes control, but they were not. In WWII the US army was pushed out of the Philippines or captured but there were some isolated pockets of resistance at first. Soon these Filipino  people were uniting and swelling their ranks. The Filipino people have an indomitable sprite and were not to be ruled over willingly. The rallying cry to fight the Japanese was simple but effective. "If the least we do is to fertilize the soil where we fall, then we will grow a richer grain for tomorrow's stronger nation" If such a occupation happened here by the invader or the traitor in high places then I would suggest a revision of that statement. If the lest we do is to fertilize the ground with the blood of those who stood against the Constitution and sided with the invader or oppressor then we will teach our children to look for a better tomorrow and leave a generation more politically aware to support good people at the ballet box.  The small towns and villages of the Philippines held meetings and voted to unite in the defense of their liberty. They planted extra food crops and were prepared to see their towns and villages burned to the ground rather than submit to the invader. General MacArthur did not know at first the formidable force they created and when he was asked if they should attack he urged restraint so as not to strengthen the Japanese forces in the outlying arias. The Japanese were limited on some islands as to only be in control of the major port and a city or two but some of the rest of the islands were printing their own money and running their own lights and telephone and electing their own leaders independent of the invader. When General MacArthur did come these islands that had so limited the Japanese were easily retaken. Richard W Norman
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