Saturday, July 27, 2013

Making a Gun Safe Fire Resistant

You could have knocked me over with a feather. In looking at gun safes I became acquainted with one of the men who build them. His company that makes one of the higher quality safes uses 5/8 Sheetrock as a fire-retardant. One layer gives 20 minutes of 1200 degree protection. Although it cuts down on internal space it may add an added measure of protection in a less expensive safe that you would have had to pay a lot more money for. They use up to three layers. I am in no way suggesting that you tare a interior of a well designed gun safe apart but I am saying if you have an old safe that has been gutted you could make it something special. Or if building a cubby hole  for a planed gun safe, you might make it a little larger and add to the enclosure, 3 sheets of 5/8 sheet rock this should make any gun safe better and more fire resistant. 
Richard W Norman

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  1. Gun Safe has a pretty roomy interior for the size! It holds either six or twelve long guns, depending on the configuration you choose, and has a side gun rack and additional full gun rack. Thanks!