Monday, August 26, 2013

12 Round Magazine Spring Rifle 308 Indian A2 Ishapore Enfield

The question asked today is how do I know if I have a 5, 10, or 12 round magazine. First do not test for it by just jamming in bullets in tell they will no longer fit. The information going around right now about the 12 round Indian Ishapore is probably disabling many guns. As people try to check the magazine by putting in a full 12 rounds. So let us take a moment and explain gun springs. Springs come in two varieties one is an extension spring these are closely coiled so the coils touch. and the other is a compression spring so the coils are very far apart. Most gun springs are compression springs. In either case if an extension spring is pulled to far the coils will not return to their side by side position, and if a compression spring is pushed together to closely then the same thing will occur so the spring will brake or be crushed and you louse the use of the gun. Leaving a compression clip spring fully loaded for long periods of time would be counter productive as the spring will eventually louse its elasticity and not preform as well.
   In the case of the  magazine spring for Rifle 308 Indian A2 Ishapore I will give you the measurement from the bottom of the clip to the top. Remove the clip and the measurement on the magazine retainer notch side for the bottom of the 10 round magazine  to the top feeder lips is under 4 inches ( about 3 7/8 inches). If the magazine is smaller than that then it is a 5 round mag and if it is bigger than that then it is a 12 round  mag. ( But I have never seen a 12 round mag and I wonder if it really exists or if it was spreed around by some devious soul who gets their jolleys by having people mess up a good gun.) Repair solutions -- if your spring is broken or crushed go to a machine shop (not an automotive machine shop)and ask them if they have some bendable spring stock. Take your old spring with you so they can get about the right size. Bendable spring stock requires no hardening and with a little work on your part you will have a good chance of making a new clip spring. Cushion the tool used to bend the spring any scratches will give the new spring a weak spot where it will eventual break.
I discuss Ishapore magazine repair on this blog. Scroll down to post  6/8/12     Richard W Norman

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